Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I know, it's tomorrow, but I'm here today!

This week brought some happy fun......
I won a contest. The wonderful Kerrie, way over there in Germany sent me this gorgeous yarn that she dyed herself, and some wonderful german chocolates.
Wait! There's some missing! OOPS!
Not sure what I'll make with it, but I love the colors.

I also spent most of the week making a custom knit doggie sweater with monkey for cousin Newt. Newt is my sister's jack russel baby, and he's cute as heck. He totally deserves the monkey sweater that yogi is modeling here. (it's too small for yogi - my BIG baby) I think he's a little jealous, though, he's a boxer and they ain't got no hair, so he needs a sweater too!

Yesterday, I cast on for a Damask shawl with the madtosh light dahlia. The KAL wasn't working out too much for me, so I decided to use another of kitman's patterns and I've been eyeing damask for a long time. I'm getting the itch to do a nice cabled sweater, though, so, maybe that'll be next. (after the christmas knitting is all done)

On the house front, friday was lighting, plumbing and appliances day. Imagine walking into an appliance store and going, "I'll have that, that, that and that!".
It WAS rather fun. I spent a WHOLE bunch of money on paper, also fun.

Next week it'll be kitchen, floors,tile, and garage door speaking of spending a whole bunch of money. I'm also calling in the landscape designer we've picked out because we need to start thinking about WHERE on the acre of property this house will be built. After we see the kitchen gal on friday, I'll also be calling the interior designer. I wanted to make most of my choices and have her help with some of the more difficult things, like, how to light the studio, and pulling the whole color thing together. This is really a lot of fun!

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KnitNana said...

Congrats on winning the contest! That's a lovely prize...
And yes, I know, I'm thinking cabled sweater. But I think I'll take a lie-down and it will go away?