Sunday, April 25, 2010

A lovely new project

This week was kind of crazy, catching up from being gone for 4 days at the conference. It was also kind of discombobulated, don't know why.
It did finish off well, though. Yesterday, I went to the Arboretum Foundation plant sale in seattle. I love different and odd plants and also the ones that bloom black and chocolate. Imagine scabiosa "ace of spades" and "chocolate" sapigloss. Of course they came home with me.

I also got a chance to stop at Acorn Street Yarn shop. No new yarn, but I was able to get the needles for my 'traveling sweater'. Why is is that when you think you have them all, the pattern calls for one you don't have?
Since the weather was a bit crazy yesterday, I came home from the plant sale and started the sweater. I'm loving the yarn (wooboo) and the color (thraven). You can't really see it much, but it kind of has this underlying light green tone. It's going to be beautiful.
The other thing there is one of the 'endpaper mitts'. I'm putting the other away for a while in favor of the sweater. This one turned out great, though.

Today, it's out to the garden. Make hay and all that!

Monday, April 19, 2010

well, there ya are

I'm back from the conference. A good time was had by all.
This is Mary Bowen. She's a pilates rock star. As a matter of fact, she's kind of the Mick Jagger of pilates. I had the pleasure of spending the better part of 2 days listening to her (me and 25 of my new best friends) Can you believe she's 80?? Perfect skin, perfect posture, we should all look so good. She's positively amazing.

When I got home, this lovely assortment was waiting for me. It's the "sisterhood of the traveling sweater" and 4 skeins of Wooboo in thraven. It's beautiful. Pam wants to just pet it, but I'm making a sweater, eventually.... Gotta finish the endpaper mitts and recover from traveling all weekend.

We're ALL recovering, just a little bit.....

Monday, April 12, 2010

A little stuck

Ever have "one of those days"? Kinda stuck, knitting-wise. Not really in the mood to make a sweater (although I had to order some yarn for one courtesy of the webs sale), no yarn really speaks to you. I have a couple of projects lined up. A beaded shawl (need to go out to shipwreck and get the beads), I'd love to do a girasole, but I can't decide on the yarn, and Birch is speaking to me too, but the yarn I bought for it at Madrona is just not going to work. Too scratchy and the difference between the dye lots is just too much.
I've had to settle with finishing 'a little jazz' - expertly modeled here by cinnamon brown,

And working on some endpaper mitts. I've wanted to make these for a long time, so it seemed the thing to do.

All in all, it's been pretty lazy around here, what with the crazy snow, rain, sleet hail (and all that in 5 minutes) weather!

This week, off to the annual pilates conference in california to hang with all the pilates superstars. Too bad it's going to be warmer here than it is in california.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

"a little jazzed" up

Rain, rain, GO AWAY!!
I know, we need it, or at least that's what we say here when it rains, snows, hails and anything else that comes along in the spring. I just want to finish my yard work project I had to abandon a week ago because it started POURING, and hasn't stopped since. (and yes, we've had snow, hail and a whole assortment of weather)

The good news is, Jazz is coming along. This is my 3rd try and I think it's going to be a charm. Pretty mindless knitting - back and forth. I just couldn't get the short rows right, so I kept ripping it out. Frustrating.

Maybe it's because I've been a bit obsessed with Molly the owl

Hopefully the weather will be a bit better this week, so I can finsh my job.
I'm also doing the MS walk on saturday and then spending the afternoon working for the master gardeners at the fuschia planting event. Those would be much better with some sun.