Sunday, September 26, 2010

we DID the puyallup!

So, last night we went to the fair to see Heart. I have to say, even after all these years those gals can still rock it out. What amazing voices. I think I'm getting old, though, my ears are still ringing!

At the fair, we saw some of these.......

there's almost nothing cuter than a baby pygmy goat.

Only one thing I can think of......

A baby boxer puppy!!!
(these are a bit blurry because they just refuse to hold still - imagine!)

Say hello to Yogi.
He'll be coming home with us next week. Check out the cute little wrinkle of skin right above his butt (the dog, not the guy) PUPPY BREATH!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and there was some yarn too......

Unique sheep gradience colorway ascent for the october CSK, purchased from a rav stash.
Birch is growing, nothing new to show there. Hopefully it'll be finished this week, and then I can move on to other stuff.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

goodies, goodies and more goodies

This week brought the rain back! That's OK, though. The mailbox had a surprise almost every day.
#1 Loopy ewe sock club
The yarn is mad tosh sock in a beautiful fall color.
Not too hot on the patterns, though. This might have to be a shawl or a man-sock

#2 Blue moon order
yarn is love-in-idleness for a pooling scarf that will match my new winter coat
pattern is moonstruck - love it - now just waiting for the proper yarn to arrive.

If you haven't seen wenat's pooling scarves, you have truly missed something. beautiful! (even barbara walker commented on the one she was wearing at sock summit)

#3 CSK goodie bag. Very nice. Lots of trinkets and some fun stuff.
If it's a sneak peek of future indie dyers in this project, I'm really in trouble. really.

As you can see, it's been ozzie tested and approved........

And, like I need more yarn, I'm absolutely obsessed with these gradience colorways.
They're the october selected dyer for the CSK. I'm planning on making the socks and a shawl would be awesome. Gotta hang with the cool kids.

last but not least, half a birch.I've always wanted to try entrelac, and this was a great introduction.
Done in sanguine gryphon bugga, rainbow scarab.
I may never knit with another kind of yarn again. It's amazing. No wonder the line at sock summit was an hour long......

Sunday, September 12, 2010

what I did on my summer vacation

well, we went here......

(the view from the hotel room)
Cannon Beach, Oregon

We saw some of these......

and these.........

and found a bunch of these........

and bought some of these........

when we got back, there were these........

The kitties were quite upset at being left alone, but

A good time was had by all

Next week, progress on Birch and a sock club shipment.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

come here, my pretty.......

This week brought the second installment of the CSK, the archery socks. When I saw the pattern I KNEW I had to buy the varigated yarn that was in the sample. I'm not much of a red person myself, so I chose this gorgeous blue/pink/purple. It's the Seattle colorway from abstract fiber. Their website does not do it justice. I just want to pet it and look at it. It's amazing.

This week also brought a FO. Here's the august tulip socks, done in sheepaints bamboolaine that I purchased from a ravelry destash.

I'm also sad to announce the demise of bee fields. Just wasn't working out the way I expected it to. It's a gorgeous pattern, although quite advanced, and the yarn just wasn't doing it justice. I'll start it again with something more appropriate. I have my eye on some lace from the original custom dyed kit that's in a rav destash.

It was a busy yarn buying week here. (don't 'cha just love the internet?)
I was invoiced and paid for my woolgirl cheshire cat kit, and also took advantage of the 10percent off blue moon coupon to buy their new pattern and a skein for a pooling scarf for my new coat. Next week, the loopy ewe sock club will invoice and ship. YIKES! I'd better get to knitting.

Since the demise of bee fields, I'm working on Birch by chrissy gardiner. I've never done entrelac, or entrelac with lace, so I'm really enjoying the challenge. The Yarn is the sanguine gryphon bugga in rainbow scarab, purchased especially for this project. love, love, love it!

Last but not least, look what $5 will get ya. I normally don't do this kind of misc yarn, but there were 2 skeins of alpaca in there, and that made it worth it......