Saturday, July 24, 2010

ahhh, some peace......

only a week later and the critters seem to be getting along better.

some knitting has been finished.
the mystery shawl - finished and blocked in all it's glory.

I'm trying to decide on my next project. Maybe the bee fields with the mal lace in pearl ten, or the girasole with the dream in color smooshy gold experience, or ishbel with that gorgeous skinny bugga I bought this week. Right now, the bee fields is winning out.........we'll just see.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

not much knitting to show

but I have a great excuse! Meet Ozzie.....

he's a feisty little devil, with the meezer looks and the meezer VOICE!
there's been much barking and hissing in the last few days, but we seem to have reached an armed truce. "sigh" and, yes, he is a rescue from the humane society.
He'll fit in just fine.......

In the "I should have gotten more" category. Sanguine Gryphon bugga, blue lobster.
Really, I should have gotten more. It's such a beautiful blue/green, I just want to pet it and spread it out over the computer. Oh, and by the way, 20 percent cashmere.

Also, another round of the loopy ewe sock club. I wanted to do this club so that I could try different yarns and so far it's been great. The yarn is alchemy, the color "fall". It comes with a neck warmer pattern and a sock pattern. I think I like the socks better.......

And last but not least, not all yard sale scores are yarn. I probably scored enough reading material to keep me busy for quite a while.
Two twilight books, eclipse and breaking dawn,
a barbara kingsolver - laguna
Amy tan's the bonesetter's daughter
Dan Brown's the last symbol (this was my summer yard sale quest)
and the girl with the dragon tattoo
all for $6. Can't beat that!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I don't have too much yarn, no not me.......

What is it about hot weather that makes you want to sort your stash. Friday it was nearly 95 degrees here, so, out came the stash. OH MY! I think I liked it better when I didn't know. This is only the sock yarn. Do you think there's enough??? I'm proud of myself, I took it out, sorted it, photo'd it and put it on rav in my stash.

On the mystery shawl front, clue 3 is done and I'm now moving on to clue 4. One more to go next weekend. They only get more complicated as you go, so I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up and finish all in the same week. It's ok, really, since the loopy ewe sock club should ship this week, and I'm still working on the beaded bells socks (although there's not much progress there). The sock CSK also starts in august. I love the yarn the original socks are made with, not so much the color, but the idea that they're bamboo, but I think I'll dig through the stash. Suppose I might have SOMETHING I can use??

I also plan on being a bit busy this week, since hopefully the new baby (kitty) will come home on wed. Still have to deal with the BS at the pound, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. He's the one in the middle of this kitten pig-pile with the brown ears and nose.

It's finally cooler, so yard work today for me.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

happy 4th of july

first of all, let me say "bah, humbug". The 4th is quickly becoming one of my least favorite holidays. Maybe I'm just getting old, but I just can't understand the attraction to blowing things up, not to mention how much it just tormets the animals. I'd vote for making individual fireworks illegal and just having the big shows. It would save me a lot of money in doggie downers.

On the knitting front, the mystery shawl is coming along nicely. Clue #1 was easy, #2 nearly kicked my butt into quitting, but after ripping at least 3 times (can you say LIFELINE) I finally figured it out and now #3 is cruising along quite smoothly. I'd definitely do the mystery shawl again, maybe once per quarter?

I also started a sock kit that I bought at Summit (the gift that keeps on giving), beaded bells by dye dreams. There's no pattern or pic on ravelry, so you'll just have to wait until I get enough done to take a pic. Right now there's only about 1" of knitting and beads. I'm working on it between mystery shawl clues.

I made another yard sale score. It's hard to see, but these are some kind of cool "antique" sock blockers. The folks at the sale kept stressing that they were ANTIQUES, but willingly sold them to me for 50cents. I'll use them to block socks for DH, since they're a bit big.

Next up, the loopy ewe july sock club should ship late this week and August brings the beginning of Chrissy Gardiner's CSK. That should be a blast.
I also fell in love with this vest cloud chaser, and am seriously considering starting "bee fields" by anne hanson.

The baby kitty is over 2 lbs now, so he'll get fixed soon and released to go to a home. It's going to be all about the timing. I'll probably have to be there when they open the day they release them for adoption. Keep your fingers crossed for me.