Saturday, February 27, 2010

A couple of fo's and some more "bad girl"

This week brought a couple of fo's
First up - skew - these were my ravelympics project. I'm happy to say I've collected my medal and crossed the finish line. They were a fun knit, but, like the designer says, you have to have faith in the pattern. It all comes together in the end.

The second FO is (are?) the "Sassy" selbu mittens, Queen of hearts, from the Mary Scott Huff class at the end of january. These would have been done sooner, but they took one skein of the white plus about 10 yards, so it looked like I was not going to have enough yarn. My thanks go out to the generous raveler who sent me a partial skein and allowed me to finish them THIS winter. They're very thick and warm, and pretty cool. Thanks Mary!

Now for the bad. I had only one more order to place with the loopy ewe to be a "groupie". I was going to wait for the first sock club shipment - which should happen next week, but when I saw this nice dream in color starry (crying dove) it just jumped into the cart! Really it did! So, my loopy entry prize was a cool bag, some MORE yarn, and chocolate (that didn't last long). It all arrived 2 days after ordering. Sheri and the elves really do a great job.

Now I'm kind of at a loss. I think I'll play around with casting on "birch" by Chrissy Gardiner. It's entrelac and lace and looks like quite a challenge. Ought to be fun!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I've been a bad, bad girl....

Well, there it is, my confession.
Since Madrona was such a bust, I felt obliged to turn to the Loopy Ewe for some retail therapy. Isn't this a gorgeous red? This was taken right by my back door. The little daffodils look so happy. The other thing there to the left is an ebony sock blocker key chain. Just had to have it.

This week has brought a bunch of progress on SKEW. One is done, the other about 75%. That's good, because it's my ravelympics project and they both need to be done before closing next friday. Don't think it's going to be a problem.

Next week, another loopy ewe order. I know.......... that dream in color starry in the crying dove colorway just JUMPED into the cart. I couldn't help it. It also will be my 6th order, which makes me a loopy groupy. I'll get pre-notice of new stuff. Not sure HOW I'll be able to resist.

Once the Skew's are done, I think I'll finish the mittens, thanks to a very generous person on ravelry, I was able to find a partial skein of the white I need to finish. I'll be paying that one forward for sure.
Next up, Birch by Chrissy Gardiner (bought the yarn at Madrona), and maybe a mystery sock kal. There's a couple of intersting ones on Rav. The first shipment of the loopy ewe sock club should be soon too. I can hardly wait.
It's kind of hard to do too much knitting though. The 60 degree weather REALLY inspires yard work, um, gardening.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

well, I wanted it to be big

Haruni is finished and blocking. It came out great. I made the larger size because I wanted it to be impressive and it certianly is. It's a great knit, not too complicated and you see results quickly. I'd definitely make another.
I'm debating my next project, there's a few I really like.
Maybe another KAL from the knitter's brewing co.
I'm liking the whole KAL idea....maybe some lace??

In other news, Madrona was pretty much a bust. I was very disappointed in the selection (or lack of it) this year. It's not like I waited until the last minute. I was there on saturday morning at 9, but the blue moon booth was already pretty much empty. I did get some "vancouver violet" that I was looking for, but that was about all they had left. Too bad. I probably would have spent more. I also got some great green from lollipop cabin, going to be a "birch". Maybe I'm just spoiled from sock summit, but it didn't seem there was anything really new or cool there. I did fall in love with one cabled vest pattern, but was told, rather rudely, by the person in charge of the booth that I'd HAVE to buy the yarn to get the pattern.
Ya know, there's nearly a million patterns on Ravelry, I think I can find a cabled vest pattern I can buy, or maybe even get for free. No need to be rude.

The other part of that pic is my ravelympics entry. It's "skew" from the knitty surprise. Doesn't look like it's going to work out, but I'm trying to have faith and keep knitting.

I'll leave you with a little taste from the garden show.
Gardening, reading, knitting....what more could you want?

Sunday, February 07, 2010


And just in time. These are the Knitter's Brewing Co mystery socks.
They turned out pretty nice, in spite of coming out a bit large. I switched to a smaller needle for the foot and it worked out well.

These have been my focus this week, since they have a feb. 14th due date for the contest. Haruni is progressing nicely, though, and the mitten is almost done with the hand. I'll be working on both of those this week.
I'm looking for another KAl for socks. I need a small, portable project OTN for meetings, etc. Haruni is great, but it's just not in a portable stage any more and requires way too much concentration.

Today, off to the Pacific Northwest flower and garden show. (can you say "spring fever?")

Next week, MADRONA!!!!!!
No classes, just shopping. What more could you want?