Sunday, August 25, 2013

some fo's and a goodie

this week,  I was happy to finish my vitamin D sweater. It was the final project for camp loopy. This will qualify me for the "free" yarn. Last year it was smooshy with cashmere, the previous year, wollemeise. I can hardly wait to see what they have in store for this year.
Here's the finished sweater.....
the pics don't do it justice. Just doesn't look good on a hanger....
I also finished my girasole, and put it out on the deck to bake while the weather was still hot.
I would SO do this pattern again and was a fun challenge, but not too hard.
I think it turned out beautifully.....

Now, it's back to some gift knitting for Christmas, a pair of gloves for my sister and some man-socks.
I've already finished one glove and started the second pics of that yet. I should be done this week with those, and then it's on to the man-socks.

Speaking of the loopy spite of my self-enforced yarn diet, I had to have their anniversary kit. I'm just a sucker for blue and those cute little sheep stitch markers just tipped me over the edge.
like, I need more yarn......

Sunday, August 18, 2013

a burst of finishitis

On Thursday, it rained....for the first time in two months. I took the opportunity to finish a BUNCH of things that have been languishing around the house, waiting for a rainy day.....
first up, leafling......This one only needed some buttons to be done.
(I HATE sewing on buttons)

Next, the bee sweater....I'm still not sure I like it, it came out kinda big....
It only needed to have the finished front edge sewn down.....

I also blocked a little scarf I made with the leftover bee sweater yarn. (there's still LOTS left)
And, last but not finished vitamin D for the loopy ewe camp project 3. Completing this will qualify me for the "free" yarn. Gotta love free yarn!!!
For my next trick.....I'm working the edging on the girasole, hoping to block that one this week. It's so big, I'll have to put it out on the deck to dry. Good thing the weather will be nice.
I also had to get the loopy ewe anniversary kit. I'm trying to save my pennies for OFF, but that deep blue and the sheep stitch markers just JUMPED into my cart. I couldn't help myself. Go over there and check it out, you'll have to have one too. You can thank me later.
Once Girasole is done, I'll be working on my Christmas gift knitting. I promise!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

i got nothin' for ya

Spent the week working away on the vitamin D sweater, watering the yard and weeding.
Can't keep up with any of them, and can't seem to finish them either.
The sweater is in the "endless stockinette" stage, where you just feel like you're knitting backwards and nothing is getting accomplished. I'll probably finish it this week, though. It will just need a bit of steaming/blocking and some pics and it'll be ready to go. Then it'll be back to girasole and some Christmas knitting.

I'll leave you with some cute kitty pics instead, why not.....
as you can see, she's outgrowing her strawberry box, although she still loves it.....
we're moving her on to a salad box......

I'm not sure what the box attraction is, but at least it's cheap.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

camp loopy project 3

the beginning of august signaled the beginning of camp loopy project 3. I was lucky to be working the fair for the master gardeners on thurs. morning, so it made for some good knitting time. I made quite a bit of progress on Thursday, and, since Friday was an almost rainy day, more progress on Friday. I'm making my vitamin D a bit longer, so I imagine it will take a bit longer, but I'll definitely be done in a month's time. No pics yet, just a WHOLE bunch of stitches on the needles and, being a top down, no seams sweater, it doesn't look like much.

The next project will be those gloves for my sister, some Christmas present socks, and back to the girasole that went in the storage bin until the camp project is done.

I'm looking forward to going to OFF (Oregon flock and fiber) at the end of September, so I'm saving my pennies for that.....That little trip, and my stash, should do me quite well to keep busy through the winter.....I'm also planning on doing some mosaic work this winter too. It's best done when it's raining and there's no yard to weed, water or maintain.

I have to share my yard sale score from yesterday!  In the 80's, I collected bears, like pretty much everyone else....I ALWAYS wanted a steiff, but at nearly $100 ( or more), it seemed too much for a stuffed animal.......Over the years, the collection has whittled down to a few of the cooler ones (mink paws, anyone?), and I haven't actively collected at all. Well.........yesterday, at a local yard sale,  I found this guy! Yep, that's the steiff button in his ear, he has a number and everything. I looked him up on the internet and he's from 1968-1990, and worth anywhere from $100 to $275. My cost? $5!!
Even though I don't actively collect bears any more, I couldn't resist, oh, and he's mohair, too.
This kinda goes on my all time list of yard sale scores, right up there with the authentic leather coach purse for $5, the ring saw for $20 (they cost about $300) and the knitting book I bought for 25cents that turned out to be out of print and worth about $300!
We don't do this all the time or obsessively (go to yard sales), but it can be a fun diversion occasionally, and even though antiques roadshow has ruined it for everyone, you can still get some fun stuff!