Saturday, June 09, 2007

I've not posted

I've not been very good about posting anything, but there's really not much to share.

I've been sick all week and just trying to hang on. You know you don't feel good when you don't even have the energy to knit.

On a happy note, though, finished the waving lace socks, and started on the lotus blossom tank. I'm a little concerned on the sizing for the tank, but we'll see. Also not too sure about the 100 percent bamboo yarn. The color is OK, although it doesn't look anything like the one in the mag. It just seems a bit dense and scratchy. We'll see.....

edited to add in a photo of the finished lotus blossom

Friday, June 01, 2007

eye candy friday

no knitting, but I couldn't pass this up, there will be some sock progress soon.
I'm also expecting my bamboo yarn any day for the lotus tank.
Suppose they'd pitch me out if I knitted at the WW staff meeting?
Wouldn't be too bad either way.