Sunday, November 06, 2011

move along now, nothing to see here.......

well, not much knitting to report THIS week. My creativity has all been sucked up with kitchen cabinets, flooring and tile, oh my! Who knew it would be SO hard to pick a kitchen. First of all, it's a HUGE investment, and secondly, it's a HUGE choice.
When you think that the place we went has 3 different manufacturers, who each have 20 different door styles, that can be made out of 10 different woods, which can then be stained with 10 different stains (yes, that adds up to 6,000 choices). Now, keep in mind that you have NO IDEA how much anything costs, because they don't do it that way - at least that would help narrow it down a bit - I think my brain is going to explode. Oh, and, by the way, it needs to match the flooring too!

You can see why I just can't think any more.
I am working on my damask, and I've decided I HATE nupps, so mine won't have any. THERE!!
Next week, back to some christmas knitting, but I also meet with the landscape designer on monday, the interior designer on wednesday and the flooring gal for the "official" flooring pricing on sunday. We're almost there, though, just a few more $$$$$ details, like a garage door, and then....... $$$$$$$$ sticker shock, I'm sure!
As you can see, the doggies are very excited at the prospect of getting a new house.

oh, and p.s. the monkey coat fit!

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