Monday, April 20, 2009

california there I went

spent the weekend at mind/body in california. The conference was fun, even if it was a bit disorganized. Seems that's just the way this conference is. Disorganized.

Flow is 1/2 done, but I'm not liking it. AGAIN. Now it seems too small.
I'm going to do the other side in the larger size (they'll be the same length) and see how that works out.

I'll leave with some awesome pics of the trip home.....
Crater Lake

Mount Rainier in all its glory.
I LOVE the Pacific NW

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

From the boxer-bunny

(amazing what a little peanut butter will do for you!)

It's going to be a dark and stormy day here. That's OK, plenty to do inside.

In the knitting world, I finally re-started "Flow" and got a pretty good go of it. It's a fast knit anyway, but I bought the yarn - Elizabeth Lavold "Hempathy", so I thought I'd better finish it. The other is a sock I started so that I would have a motel room knitting project when I go to CA. next week. THEN I got the Cookie A. book, and wanted to make ALL of those. One thing at a time.
I'm really hoping to take a class from her at sock summit.

I don't know how much knitting I'll have this week, since the week is going to be compressed into 4 days because of my trip. We'll see

Hummingbird wars continue......

Just can't get enought of these guys!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Finally! Spring!

Hard to believe it was snowing a week ago. Yesterday it was 75 degrees.
Ya gotta love the pacific nw. You want different weather? Wait 10 minutes.

No new knitting content to report. I spent the last 4 days at a weight watchers training in portland. It was OK, but you know, training for work.
This week I'm planning on getting out "flow" and firing that up again. The nice weather inspired me.

Still having major hummingbird wars here. They're hungry little devils