Sunday, July 31, 2011

It was awesome

here we are, a bit hung over from the yarn fumes, tired as heck and back from the awesomeness that was sock summit. I'd have to say a good time was had by all.
I got there about 2 on thursday with my friend Pam. We picked up our registration packets and noticed the line for the marketplace was already forming! By the time we joined it, it went down the aisle, around the corner, and eventually went into another room. They let us in promptly at 4:30 and we shopped 'till we dropped. Then it was off to the opening ceremonies.
After a good night's sleep, we hit the marketplace AGAIN on friday morning for a more leisurely shop. I had a class in the afternoon, tesselations with Franklin Habit (take it if you can, it's awesome), and then we met for dinner with 20 people we had never met and went to a great portland restaraunt, came back to the hotel and crashed.
Saturday, I volunteered for a vendor, Anzula, and had a great time. I sold yarn to Anna Zilboorg, talked to Mary Scott-Huff, and told Ann Budd that she had the PERFECT yarn. Not to mention all the other fun folks who strolled through, bought yarn and just petted. Then it was off to the pooling lecture for another mind altering experience. After that, we went out for lebanese dinner, and off to Stephanie's talk before another total crash and burn at the hotel.
This morning, it was up early and on the road. House cleaning and life to do.
I had such a wonderful time, met some great folks, got a (temporary)tattoo,

shopped till I dropped, and I can already hardly wait to go back in 2013, where, I understand, they have the ENTIRE convention center reserved. (we'll also try again to break the guiness world record)
my spoils from the market.....
some lorna's laces solemate, special ss colorway,
miss babs, yowza, what a skein for mansocks
noro silk garden sock (it was on sale)
cooperative press goodie bag
Mary scott-huff and blue moon violets steeked scarf kit.
and some misc. goodies

yogi is modeling my "payment" from anzula. 950 yards of beautiful laceweight.

The good news is, the bathroom is coming along, slowly but surely.......

Next week, third installment of camp loopy, more colorwork sleeves and knitting at the county fair.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

hi ho, hi ho, off to sock summit we go!!!!!!!

Leaving tomorrow bright and early for the awesomeness that is sock summit.
The bags are packed, the stitch markers for trade are made, a project to work on is started, and I have a very long wishlist for the marketplace.
I'll be pretty happy to get out of here, since all week I've been dealing with this:
(yes, that WAS a bathroom)

time to let dh have some fun!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

making a list and checking it twice

and three times and four!
A week from today I will be enjoying the awesomeness that is sock summit.
I've been preparing all week (thanks to pilates clients that are either sick or on vacation). I've loaded new apps into my phone, made a (long) wish list, inventoried my knitpicks needles, just in case there's some there, chosen which knitting I'm taking to wear, and started a project to work on while I'm there.
I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting.

I also finished my camploopy vortex socks. I wanted to have them done before I left, and finished clue 2 in the KAL. Not much progress on the sweater, though. Too much sock summit excitement to think about.

next week.....sock summit overload and stash aquisition.
sock summit!
sock summit!
Sock summit!!!!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

ok, I'm keeping up (for now)

This week, I was able to get a few things done......
The sweater body is done and duplicate stitched. I even steamed it a bit, and it looks quite nice, if I do say so myself.

I also finished up my stitch markers for trading at sock summit.

And was able to complete the first clue in the phoenix and the carpet KAL, as well as cast on for my cabled vortex socks for camp loopy. (no sock pic to show yet).
This week, I'll keep working on those cabled socks and I also need to do some simple homework for sock summit.

As a parting gift, I bring you
(or is it hairy boxer?)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

counting down to sock summit!!!

This week the weather was hot and so was the knitting.
The sweater made some pretty good progress. I only have about 6 back and forth rows to finish on the body and then it's on to the sleeves. The next class installment is next weekend, so I hope to finish the body, steam it a bit and do the duplicate stitch on the big flower in the back, we'll see.......
I'm feeling good about where I am with this, though. Good thing, there's plenty of distractions coming up.

Like the second project for camp loopy. The challenge is cabled socks (or mittens or gloves), but I've chosen the socks. I'm doing Vortex by chrissy gardiner in this beautiful green. Can't cast on until friday, but I can hardly WAIT to get started. I'll have to work like mad on these, too, because there's this little thing called SOCK SUMMIT in the middle of the project. (got a new book this week too)

I'm also expecting the first installment of the Phoenix and the carpet KAL next friday. Good thing the first couple of clues are on the smaller and quicker side, because on clue 3, I'll be at SOCK SUMMIT.
Now, just gotta finish those stitch markers and do my homework!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

I know, I was a little MIA last week

but I have a good excuse.....
I was at a class learning how to do this.....

A colorwork sweater, steeks and all. YIKES! I'm trying to make some significant progress on the sweater, because the NEXT class is the 16th of july and all about sleeves.

I'm also working on the bridge of roses socks (in my spare time). It'll be a good take along project when I have to work the farmer's market next weekend. (hard to transport and focus on a colorwork sweater or a lace shawl)

Sock summit is coming up fast, too, and I really need to finish stitch markers and do my homework. I'm starting to feel just a bit overwhelmed. The other 2 things in the fire are the camp loopy project 2 (cabeled socks - can't start until the 15th, though), and the phoenix and the carpet KAL, a lace shawl, that starts this coming friday. YIKES again!

I did find myself some goodies this week though.....I was surfing the loopy ewe site for potential camp yarn and WHOOP! there was a wollemeise update. I think I was the first person to see it, because there were about 30 offerings to choose from. I had to have a couple, of course, and the photo just doesn't do them justice. They're petite poison #5 dark and chim chim cheerie. It's hard to imagine what to do with such special and hard to get yarn. I think I'll just pet it for a while.

Next week.....hopefully some more sweater progress, the yarn for the cable socks should arrive, and who KNOWS what else!