Sunday, January 30, 2011

knitting slowdown

well, the second half of the colorwork scarf is blocking, and the Moonstruck is dead in the water waiting for different yarn. (the folks at blue moon were very helpful),
so, I decided to cast on a new project. Why not?
This is the orchid thief shawl from brave new knits, the yarn is fibro fibers nightfall. After knitting bee fields, this is a piece of cake. The charts were quite a bear to work out, but thanks to my friends on ravelry, I found out there was errata and got some tips to figure it out. I'm almost to the dreaded "row 86", though, so we'll see what happens. The color will become darker until it eventually turns to black. I think it's beautiful, so much so I might just have to have some more. It's only available to order once per month, though, on the first........

Up this week.....I'll try to finish the lunaria scarf and work on the orchid thief shawl. I think I'm going to have to help myself to some of those bon-bons from the sanguine gryphon too. The weather is supposed to be kind of nice though, so I may just go outside and play.

The critters will all be resting up, just in case......

devil cat.

unsuspecting victim...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

knitting frustration!!!!!

I have no knitting to show you this week and this is why.......
A LONG time ago I fell in love with the moonstruck sweater. I waited and waited for the yarn to come in and finally ordered. Blue Moon Gaea, "in the navy". The pattern and website said 3 skeins for the size I needed. I knew it would be close. It wasn't anywhere NEAR close. I ran out. With the back, one side and both sleeves done. So, I ordered more, hoping the color would be even sort of close enough to finish. It WAS NOT. Now I know, it's hand dyed and one of a kind, and TOTALLY my fault, I should have ordered that extra one to begin with.........

I have spent 2 days trying to make the colors work and the reality of it is, I just wouldn't wear it. It is SO different. Much lighter. A whole different color. I have emailed blue moon to see if I can send them a sample of the first batch to try to get even a BIT closer. For now, Moonstruck is hibernating with the back, one front, two sleeves and the other front half done. Every time I look at it, it makes me sick to my stomach. It's a beautiful sweater (almost). Keep your fingers crossed they can make a darker skein.

So..... I've just been working on the colorwork scarf. Looks just like the other side I posted last week.

Next up.......The Orchid Thief shawl with my fibro fibers nightfall. I think it's going to look great.

I also think all this knitting frustration is giving me spring thoughts are turning to gardening.

Since there's no knitting, I thought I'd give you some critter pics. No hummingbirds, although there's been a major hummingbird war going on here, they're just too FAST.
So, here's some Ozzie and a little Yogi.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

it's raining, it's pouring

The doggies are snoring!

So, my resolution for 2011 is to master colorwork. I'm not quite ready for hard core intarsia or steeks yet, but I am practicing......
This is a little colorwork scarf kit from knitpicks. I know, I don't really NEED another scarf, but the colors were right and I DO want the colorwork practice. It has 2 colorwork pockets and a hood, so something different, also matching mitts.

THIS is a sipalu bag kit, also from knitpicks. I know, I know, it's not really my colors, but again.....practice. I think it's going to be a christmas present for next christmas and I'll order the yarns to make the blue ones. Although I'm not totally sold on knitpicks yarns, I do like the palette for colorwork. Great selection of colors and it makes for a nice knit.

The loopy ewe sock club is up for renewal and I think I'm going to pass this year. Too many changes, and the first 3 kits all have bags with them. I have enough bags for an army so I guess I'll try to buy them one at a time if I like the yarn or pattern.

I'm dead in the water with the moonstruck sweater. Ran out of yarn. Got gauge, ordered what they said, should have gotten one more from the beginning, but I was trying to save money. Had to buy the extra skein anyway and now hoping it's going to even sort of match, fingers crossed, but I left off in a place where I can make it "fit in" (hopefully)

That's it for this week.....anxiously awaiting Madrona.....
Yogi says "who me? obedience school dropout???"

Sunday, January 09, 2011

after knitting all that lace......

aran weight on size 9's seems pretty darned easy!
This is Moonstruck. It's blue moon's Gaea and the color is "in the navy".
I'm loving the knit. The right front, back, and half a sleeve are already done. This makes a nice, heavy fabric that's going to make a great coat-like sweater. I did have to order one more skein, though, started to get nervous there wouldn't be enough.

We're supposed to have a "major snow event" the end of the week here. (that really means more than 1", so I expect there will be a LOT of knitting accomplished.
I think my next project will be to use my nightfall yarn to make a Batik shawl, or the cloudchaser vest.

I'm anxiously awaiting Madrona - the annual knitting conference here. Mostly for the shopping opportunities, I'm not taking any classes, but it IS fun to see what's new and shop the mill ends from Blue Moon.

The doggies are not too excited about the snow.
"MOM, we need a bigger bed!"

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

I've never really been one for new year's resolutions, but I do have some things in mind for 2011.

Knitting-wise I'd like to take some colorwork classes. I'm especially intrigued by intarsia and steeks. Hopefully they'll be a class around here somewhere. Not the LYS, though, they only offer your first sweater, sock, etc. Same-same. I'll probably have to go up to yorkshire yarns, but that's ok, they're pretty cool there.

I'll also be going to sock summit in july. The current plan is to shop a day, volunteer for a day and see what happens. I can hardly wait. It was SO MUCH fun last time.

I'd also like to do some test knitting. I'm already supposed to do a shawl soon. We'll see.

I have LOTS of projects lined up, socks, shawls, and even a sweater or two, starting with Moonstruck, just as soon as I get the yarn for it next week.

I'm still not sure about commiting to a club. I'm thinking about just making my own club with some random kits, a pattern club and my stash. I'm already in for the little mermaid kal, the Mrs. Dalloway's garden shawl from woolgirl and Janel Laidman's art and sole pattern club.

2010 did end with a bang, though, having FINALLY conqued bee fields!

The doggies were very excited.

It also brought some goodies.....
Fibro fibers nightfall. It's a long gradient that goes from black to a beautiful teal. I'm thinking it just has to be a shawl. Either traveling woman or batik.