Sunday, October 23, 2011

windows and doors and floor plans, OH MY!

This week we did some major work on the house. On friday, we went out and picked out windows (milguard montecito with a craftsman style grid at the top) and doors. The molding threw us for a bit of a loop, though. Do you know how many styles of molding there are out there????? Then, friday night, we went and met with the contractor and the designer to work out some details of the plan, like, radiant heat flooring (not an option in my book) and whether or not we will build with SIP panels (still an option- we're working on that). We feel like we have a pretty good handle on the floor plan. The next step is plumbing and electrical, which I hope to go do this week, and then kitchen - that's a big one. We're going to get a few quotes and options on the kitchen. We want it to be nice, but not over the top.

In knitting news, I took a class yesterday on double knitting. It was fun, but I was kind of hoping there would be a bit more talk of colorwork. The person teaching the class said she had trouble finding double knitting patterns. I told her I'd found a BUNCH on ravelry, and she said "oh, I guess there might be some on there". And, THAT, folks, is why I don't usually take classes at my LYS. :(

I have also been working on the DIC october scarf and it's almost done, but too squished up to see anything yet. I think I'm going to run a couple of rows short on yarn, this has happened before with DIC, so I'll go as far as I can and bind off. Probably have pics next week.
The little doggies are all sewn up too, thanks to a VERY long online training for weight watchers. I just need to make one more little shirt.

Last but not least, look what $5 will get ya......
Doggies were very curious...

I weeded out the acrylic and a few others I didn't want - they'll be donated to the master gardeners for their crafty projects......
I kept the wool......It'll make good dog sweaters.

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KnitNana said...

Wow!! They love that box, don't they?
(you're really making progress on the house, too!!)