Sunday, June 30, 2013

hot, hot, hot

it's going to be exceptionally hot here, well, hot for here, over 90 degrees, so all the work that needs to be done, has to be done early in the am.

I'm almost done with the dirt.,....almost.

I should finish this little bit today and then start working on the side. See those posts in the background? They're our new chain link fence. That wasn't necessarily supposed to happen this year, but the deer are eating us out of house and home. We had to do it. This week, I'll keep working on the dirt, we'll finish up the chain link and maybe work on the pumphouse a bit.

In other news.....After living here only 6 months, our hardwood floors are starting to buckle. There are a couple of big bubbles where the floor has lifted away from the glue. Only 2 reasons this would happen. Water damage, or improper installation. Since there hasn't been any water damage, that only leaves the second one. It was only a matter of time.....the guys that installed this were idiots and had no idea what they were doing. I tried to tell the general that, but, being a female.......

Now they'll have to fix it. Hopefully they will.

move along....nothing to see here

Well, there was pretty much no knitting this week. It all involved dirt, rain, and some work with my stained glass stuff.

Starting july 1, I can cast on for the second camp challenge, though. I'm making a clockwork, with a gorgeous grey and off-white combo. I think it just looks classy......more to come.

I'll leave you with a nice butterfly pic.....

these guys love something in the dirt out there. I suspect it's some kind of mineral or salt. They will sit there for quite a long time, gathering it up.
Kinda pretty, huh?

Oh, and by the way.....happy 4th of july!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Well, there's one sock

So, this week. much to my surprise, I finished the first of the beaded bells.

I also made a few hexi puffs too.......

Mostly, though, I moved dirt. Fifteen yards of dirt (more or less).
This will probably be the pattern for a while, unless it rains, and then I'll knit and do some glass mosaics.

On July 1, I can officially start my camp loopy project 2. Good thing I have the whole month to do it, I'll be moving dirt.

On a happy note, our new kitty, miss ziggy weighs 1 lb, 13 oz as of thursday. Only 3 oz to go and she can be fixed and come home. I'm thinking the end of this week.......I'll probably combine a kitty fetching trip with a stop to pick up my concrete leaf from saturday's class. I know, another craft, but I think I'm addicted.....(again)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

camp loopy project 2

I know, it's only half way through the challenge for project 1, but, when project 2 was announced, I knew right away what I was going to do. A bit ago, I bought the pattern for clockwork after seeing this absolutely gorgeous combination of grey and white that someone did. I was hoping there'd be an opportunity to use it for one of my camp projects. Surprise~ there is.

The next challenge is to knit a popular pattern that you've not done before (at least 1000 projects) Clockwork qualifies nicely. I already had a couple of yarns on my wishlist, and I ended up settling on these.....

Hopefully they'll come out with that same classy quality that I saw on ravelry.

By the way, here's the completed first challenge. BFF socks.... (for a christmas present)
all done and uploaded to the loopy challenge page.

In between challenges, I'm working on an OLD ufo. Beaded bells socks. I have one almost done, and will start the other one this week. They're kind of fiddly, with the beads and all, but I love the color of the yarn (even though it's a bit thin).
The next camp challenge doesn't start until july 1, so I'll be finishing these socks and doing some hexipuffs in the mean my spare time.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

one down.....

one to finish....
this is the first bff sock from my camp loopy project. The challenge was to use one skein of yarn you've never used before, and at least 375 yards.
This is three irish girls adorn sock in the birch colorway. Loved the yarn. I think they'll make a nice christmas present.

They should be announcing the next camp project for july in a week or so. Hopefully, it will work out to be another christmas present.

This week, I'll probably try to finish the other sock, and maybe a ufo or two. My main focus has been outside, since the weather has been good, and looks to stay that way. Gotta make hay around here. They'll be PLENTY of time to knit and do other stuff once monsoon season starts again!

Sunday, June 02, 2013

camp loopy, nice weather, and a new baby

First of all, camp loopy officially started yesterday, So I wasted no time casting on my BFF socks with the TIG adorn sock chosen for the first challenge. They're coming along swimmingly, but no pics yet. I hope to have the first one done by the end of the week (in my spare time).

While I was waiting for camp to start, I worked on this cute little sunflower scarf (table runner) with the leftovers from the queen bee sweater. It needs to be blocked, but it turned out good.

This week,  I'm hauling dirt. The weather is supposed to be good, and I hve 15 yards of dirt to move, so no knitting content guarantees.

Oh, and the new baby news.....well.......I was surfing ravelry the other day and this gal posted a pic of the CUTEST kittens that she's fostering. I've wanted another siamese-ish kitty for a while and I fell head over heels with this little guy. Seems the foster lives in Seattle, not too far away. Look how tiny he is. He's only about 4-5 weeks old, so he needs to stay where he is for a while, but, when he gets to 2lbs and gets fixed, he's coming home. Looks like a scrappy little guy. He'll fit right in.