Sunday, June 19, 2011

it's all about sock summit now!

just about a month to go to sock summit and a knitting girl's fancy turns to socks.
What to wear, what to take, what to get done before I to play with the cool kids......
The watermelon socks are coming right along. One done including picot cast off (just need to sew it down) and one on the heel. They'll be done by the end of the week. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish our "trading" stitch markers as well.

I did take a little detour to work on my camp loopy project. A Daybreak in studio june and dream in color smooshy. This needs to be done by july 17, I think I'll be OK. The second camp project announces on july 1, and speculation is that it might be socks. I've already been looking at cool sock patterns and que'd a few on rav. I'm thinking something cabled or colorworked. We'll just have to see because I also start my mary scott-huff colorwork sweater class next week. YIKES! So much knitting, so little time. Who needs to sleep anyway?

In garden news, the poppies are coming out. The rain we're having beats them up, but they're still huge and beautiful.

next week.....a finished daybreak, finished watermelon socks, casting on for bridge of roses socks and hopefully a bit of a test for my rosalia sweater (need to get the yarn in first).

Sunday, June 12, 2011

this week was a lot of fun......

The mailman loved me this week.....
No pics of some, but...
he brought me my first wollemeise - a gorgeous green and blue that I will be saving for something special
Also the yarn for the Bridge of Roses KAL
And my goodies for camp loopy (plus a couple of extras - gotta get free shipping, right?)
the black and blue/purple are for the camp loopy project. It's going to be a daybreak.

You'd never know I'm trying to same some for sock summit. I just keep seeing things I LOVE.
I also spent some time working on the watermelon socks....
toe-up basic pattern, I think it just BEGS for a picot bind off though.....

The doggies were very excited.

Next up, the other watermelon sock (it'll be at sock summit), casting on for camp loopy on the 15th, knit in public day, and I HAVE to finish those stitch markers for the trade at sock summit and do my homework. Think I have enough on my plate?

Sunday, June 05, 2011

I'm going to camp!

Well, virtual camp. What a great idea that sheri at the loopy ewe has come up with. Summer camp, no ugly security lines, no bugs, just knitting fun, some contests, discounts, and in the end, if you finish all 3 projects in time, wollemeise as a prize. I'm IN!
I ordered my yarn for the daybreak shawl. Should be here to start on time.
(as if there were nothing else to do)

I finished the fragipani shawl. Just needs some ends woven in and a bath. Perfect for sock summit, soft, small.....I probably could have done the large, there was a lot left over, but didn't want to take the chance of running short.

Working on finishing some man-socks. They're almost there.

Next up, watermelon yarn socks. Plain vanilla, toe up, should go pretty quickly.

I also signed up and ordered the bridge of roses KAL from knitters brewing co, and managed to catch my first wollemeise update at the loopy ewe this week. Had to see what all the fuss was about. Morale of the story, next week, there will be new stash!