Sunday, October 16, 2011

not much knitting to report,

but I do have this really cute boxer pumpkin. This is a stencil from the better homes and gardens website. They have several dog breeds and, yes, even cats. It's a fun place to go and play...

See the resemblance??

I am working on my knit doggies for a friend's grandsons. Pardon the fact that he's armless. They're made, I just have to make his shirt first, so I can get the placement of the arms. (he gets a cute little shirt and pants) - there's another one too.
I don't think I'm going to finish the KAL I'm doing. Love the yarn, love the color, just not loving the pattern. I think I'll frog it and start something else.
Next up, more christmas knitting........

P.S. the house is coming along swimmingly. Loving the plan so far, just a few more tweaks, a whole bunch of picking stuff out, and we'll be ready.....Check please!
(for the heart attack when we see the price tag)

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