Sunday, March 25, 2012

in a holding pattern

It seems like everything here is in a holding pattern......
the house is in city hall hell, the rams and yowes is down for the count waiting for more yarn, and, even though tuesday was the first day of spring, that's waiting for some better weather too.

The moral of the story is, not much progress on anything this week. I'm waiting for more yarn to come from the UK to finish rams and yowes, and I didn't have time to work on any of my KAL's because we decided to take advantage of the non-raining or snowing weather and do a yard sale. TONS of work, but we did make some good room, and get rid of some stuff that would just not have a place in the new house.

This's all going to break loose. I can feel it in my bones.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

slogging along

well, the rams and yowes part of the blankie is finished and I'm slowly slogging along on the border. I'm sad to say that I'm going to run out of yarn, and will have to order more to finish. I had to use a slightly larger needle, and it made just enough of a difference to matter. That's OK, though, because I'll add some extra for another project and probably make a rams and yowes pillow as well. I'll have to take a break, though, while the yarn comes from the UK.

The little prince KAL started this week....
I love this color, it just looks SO happy!

I also got my yarn to continue with the flight path KAL, and finished the second clue. It's starting up again tomorrow, but the clues are small and easily done.

In house news......well, there is no REAL news. Still waiting for the city to finish up. Hopefully this week things will cut loose. (and it won't snow)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

spring is sprung

for one day, at least.....
Last thursday it was 65degrees and sunny here. The crocus decided to make an appearance and it was wonderful.

Now it's 40 degrees and raining. Welcome to spring in the pacific NW. It'll be back, I'm sure.
By the way, have I ever said how much I HATE spring ahead? When you have to get up at 4am, it just hurts.

Not much progress to report on rams and yowes, I'm afraid. My time was sucked dry by house stuff this week and shopping for it. I bought a faucet for the laundry room, and all of the towel bars, as well as shopped for lighting, plumbing and house numbers. The good news is, the permits are only waiting for one more thing. We expect them to pick them up this week and get digging probably next week. Check out my rant over on squiggi builds a house if you dare.......

I do have to share this awesome fountain. This is just the bottom piece of it, which is about 5' across and weighs about 1000lbs. (seriously, we had to get it out of the truck). It has 3 more large stacking pieces and 2 matching benches. It'll be amazing in the new landscaping and I'll guarantee I'll be the only kid on the block with one of these!

Today I finally got the rest of the yarn to keep working on the flight path KAL, and on friday, the little prince will start. Busy, busy.......

Sunday, March 04, 2012

yowes and rams and a few more yowes

this week, most of my knitting efforts were focused on rams and yowes. I'm obsessed and loving this little blankie. I'd LOVE to make a bigger one, and maybe make one for my sister for christmas. It's just SO MUCH fun!

The flight path KAL is still on hold, waiting for more yarn, and the Little prince KAL doesn't start until the 15th, so, I'll just have to knit sheep!

Kind of a holding pattern week........

I DO have to share this, though....
Ozzie Ozzborne on a rock. My incredibly talented sister made this from a picture of him. I'm so glad to see her wanting to do some stuff and get back into it after her terrible injury. I think she's on the mend. (and, I'm not sure, but for the right amount of $, she might just be inspired to take orders, ya never know.....It's hard to find good smooth rocks, though.)

I think THIS Ozzie is much better behaved!