Sunday, September 23, 2012

some new goodies

Last week was a tough one. I woke up on monday with my back in a spasm and managed to stiff arm my way through the week by doing nothing. Not even knitting. I blame it all on the stress of the house not making progress, the water being out for the weekend, and various other factors that have left me kinda lost. Thanks to my friend and massage person j. I was feeling a bit better after tuesday, but now it's back with a vengance. (shouldn't have dug up those peonies yesterday) That whole standing up straight thing is highly overrated. Still have to teach pilates, and bodypump, do housework and all that other fun stuff. It's the REST of the day that goes away in a handbasket. I've got NO knitting to show for it, but I did get some new goodies! Dream in color smooshy with cashmere from the loopy ewe camp. It was the prize for finishing all 3 projects. IK knitted gifts and a new book, cast on, bind off. This week, no promise of knitting. The house is FINALLY getting worked on, and the water line is fixed (and paid for). We just have to put the deck back together and figure out what we're going to do with the potential mud pit in the front yard. Good times!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

don't even TALK to me!!!!!

Today, this is the view out the front window.
We could have probably BOUGHT that bobcat for the price of what we've paid so far to hook up to the sewer. Had to be done to sell this house, but what a cluster.... of mess. Seems that if you don't find the water line where you think it is, then it must not be there at all, right? WRONG!!!!!!! Everything was cruising along fine until someone ASSUMED, (y'all know what they say about that), and they hit the water line with the backhoe. That started a house of cards mess, water leak, crud in the pipes, no pressure, more water leak, more gunk in the pipes....... right now we have NO water and a bunch of stress, oh, and the leak is still there SOMEWHERE. Never mind that the front yard is, well, this......what's that about curb appeal? but wait, this is supposed to be a knitting blog. No knitting, sorry. I was back to work with pilates clients and the outside work pretty much came to a halt, as well as anything creative that might of happened. Stay tuned, will there BE a trip to oregon flock and fiber next week? Depends how the water thing goes.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

I didn't knit a single stitch........

Last week, I didn't knit a single stitch. The entire week was spent pressure washing and painting the trim on the "old house" in preparation for putting it on the market. We also met with some real estate agents, got a market study, and found out how much it's probably worth. There was also an appointment with the sewer hookup guy, dismantling the greenhouse so it can come with, and general cleanup and packing outside. We were taking advantage of the last of the good weather here, and just in time. It's going to rain any minute. After all that, it was all we could do to have a bit of dinner and fall into bed, up early the next day and starting all over again. Too tired to knit. This week should be a bit better, though. I'm back to work, although DH is still on vacation. His mission will be to remove the garden art to take with, clean out our shop so that they can put in new electrical, and possibly meet with electricians to get estimates for replacing our service panel (breakers). So much work, so little time........ Yogi says "hurry up, you guys, I'm ready for my new house!!!"

Sunday, September 02, 2012

I have been knitting

unfortunately, there isn't a pic of it. It's too dark right now and too cabled, and really not that far along, so you'll just have to wait. We have been busy with other projects, though. Yesterday we had ourselves a big ol' yard sale (did you know how much WORK those are?) We lightened the load by quite a bit, although we don't have anything in our rec room to sit on now. It's OK. The new couch is hanging out in the basset showroom waiting for the new house to be finished, so we'll just have to make do. Doggies will have to sleep on the FLOOR!!!! This week, I can't promise there will be much more in the knitting category. We're trying to get the old house ready to put on the market and there's a LOT of work to be done. I'm already exhausted. The new house has hit a catch-22 type snag. They can't install the floors until the heat is running, they can't fire up the heat until the gas and water are hooked up, they can't install the tile until the trim around the windows and doors is done, and they can't do the trim until the floors are done. ARGH! oh, and, p.s. monday's a holiday! I think we'll just have to go shopping.......... And, finally, yesterday we discovered the definition of irony. We were happily counting our yard sale proceeds when the mailman arrived with a bill from the power company for hooking up the new house. It was about 3x the yard sale profits. I think we'll just have to go shopping............... P.s. know anyone who needs a project? This rug loom is for sale... (but, no, I won't ship it to europe)