Sunday, May 20, 2012

a little more sock

but not a lot of knitting....... This week was mostly occupied with meeting with the window folks and the plumbing folks to finalize those orders for the house. There was some progress on the sock, really, it's almost done now...(0ne of them), and the yarn is wound and ready for camp loopy cast on next week. I'll leave you with something I didn't make, but I think is beautiful.......
Onward to the long memorial day weekend! How did it get to be memorial day already???????

Saturday, May 12, 2012

how to find your knitting mojo

1. root around in stash until you find something that makes you happy 2. prowl around on ravelry until you find a pattern that makes you happy 3. put the two together and knit. (repeat as necessary) The yarn is unknown, the pattern is the latest by Mary Scott Huff - dogwood. The first one is almost done, and it's pretty durned cool, although very thick. More winter than summer, I think.
I'm also participating again in camp loopy. I did this last summer and had a ball. Three projects in 3 months, and if you finish them all with yarn from the loopy ewe, you get a special skein at the end. The first challenge is to knit a pattern from a designer that is not from your home country. I've chosen the semele shawl by asa tricosa, to be done in this gorgeous schaeffer anne.
Here's a couple of bonus photos, because the make me happy too...... My 6 yr old tree peony, blooming in our 80 degree weather today.
And.....our dragonfly tiles for the fireplace. Won't they look good on the master builder home tour?

Sunday, May 06, 2012

I'm making it my mission this week.....

to go dig through the stash and find a project that inspires me. Right now, I'm kind of in a knitting slump. I'm not happy with the colors of the pillow I'm making. I think it's destined for the frog pond......the bugga sweater is languishing..... My days are full of light fixtures, decorating decisions and watching contractors not show up. Not sure what I'll obsess with when this house is finally finished, probably the garden. Since there's no knitting, how about a doggie pic?
or maybe a little ozzie ozzborne. you can see he's VERY motivated.....