Saturday, January 02, 2016

movin' on.....

up? over?

Over the past few years, blogger and google have made it increasingly more difficult to do this. Their site is not user friendly in the least, and there have been many hours of frustration just figuring out how to do anything.

I originally started these blogs to chronicle my knitting and the progress of our house building, and they've served that purpose well. When I first started them, blogging was all the thing to do and places like ravelry and facebook just didn't exist. Now they do.

I really love ravelry, and I like the instant gratification that facebook gives me. Not to mention it's much easier to quickly post a thought or a pic.

So, I'll be moving on from here. If you're already my friend on facebook, well, there ya are. If not, most of my stuff is public anyway. I never post politics or anything controversial, there's enough folks out there that do that already. I promise you'll see cats, dogs, gardening, mosaics, crafting and glass. Because, well, that's what I like.

So, come on over and join me on facebook......I've made a blog page there.
Feel free to "like" it so that you can see my creations. For you knitters, I'm on Ravelry as squiggi, feel free to friend me there, but I have to say, I'm not too good at updating that one either.
My Recycled Garden.....
See ya there!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

almost back to ???

One more square left on the giant blankie. It's supposed to have a border, but that's just not going to happen. It's big enough without it. Pics when it's done. I promise.

After that, it'll be back to knitting for me. I'm going to work on a dragonfly cowl that I already have the yarn for. Just need the pattern.

In other rained this week, so I was able to grout a couple of things. I really love how they turned out.

They just need to cure for a bit and then have a spray or two of sealer and it's out to the garden.

Next up......frog on a rock.

Sunday, December 06, 2015

a qucik fly by

Still knitting some Christmas presents this week, a hat, a cowl and a golf club cover. No pics, but they're ready to go. When I finished these, I was back on the blankie. It's getting there, but it's in the slog part of the blanket. (where it feels like it'll NEVER get done) I'll keep plugging away at it.

I also did some bowling ball mosaic this week, since it was raining.......this little gem is going to be a bubbler fountain for the hummingbirds. We'll put a solar pump on it and set it in a basin (still looking for the right one). I think it's going to turn out pretty cool. We'll see if it holds up with the water.

I'm planning on working on it some more today.....supposed to rain again......
Also, I'm taking a class at madrona this year. Haven't for a while, but I thought it would be fun. It's all about color theory for knitters. I can see a bunch of applications here for gardening and mosaics as well, so I though it would be good. I'll let you know.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

I've been busy.....

I know, I've been MIA for a while, but I have some excuses......not sure any of them are good.

First of all, blogger/google has made it so difficult to do this that facebook just seems easier. Facebook also seems to have a bit of the instant gratification factor too....

Next, I've been knitting Christmas presents for everyone in my family. I'm determined not to really buy anything that no one needs, so, it's going to be a handmade Christmas around these parts. So far, the count includes, 4 pair of felted slippers, 4 pairs of socks, a needle felted jack Russell, and two sock monkey golf club covers that I had to engineer the pattern for. (pretty proud of myself for that one). Now that a few more folks have been added to the guest list, I'll be needing to make a cowl, a hat, and one more thing yet to be determined. That wasn't in the plan.

I've also been working on my blankie. A few weeks ago, knitpicks had the hue shift afghan as a free pattern. Had to have it. I worked  on it for a while, then set it aside to knit Christmas gifts, brought it back out when I thought it was done, but it's going back in the closet again.....more Christmas gifts.

I'll leave you with a sock monkey......because I can.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

done with the elephant shoes (again)

So, the first batch of clogs turned out fine, the ballet slippers did not. Back to the drawing board and the stash to find more wool. I'm done with the second round of girl clogs, all knit and sewn up. They just need to be felted.

Gave the boy clogs a haircut the other day, and they look great. They felted a bit small, but I know they'll stretch, and they'll make great Christmas gifts. I still might make a couple more gifts, pair of socks and maybe some gloves, but we'll just have to see.

I fell in love with a cowl on ravelry.....dragonflies in chocolate. Bought the chocolate yarn from a stash and dug through my own to find the dragonfly color. As soon as I finish my French can-can, I think I'll work on that.

Meanwhile, for some non-knitting rained yesterday, really rained, so I started to wrok on some glass.

Bought this birdbath at a yard sale for $10. It totally wants to be something else, so here it is....
It's not quite done yet, I'll finish up the background the next time it rains. I'd like to thank Claudia for selling me all that's going to a good use.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

new yarn and elephant shoes

I've been busy, very busy, knitting elephant shoes....
This is only half of them, the other half are ready to felt. These need a second sole and then they'll be ready to go too. The second sole is a total wrestling match and really hard on my hands, so I'm going to try to do one a day and be done with it. this will finish my Christmas knitting that I HAD to get done.

I might make a couple more things, just because I have the time, maybe a scarf or cowl and some fingerless mitts.

I also got my summer camp yarn this week, (and a little thing that jumped in the cart along with it). Might as well, had to pay shipping either way, right?

The camp yarn is the blue/purple one. The other is "ladybug". Couldn't resist. I'll divide it in half and make a couple of plain toe-up socks. (in my spare time).

This week, I'll be finishing the slippers and felting them. I'm kinda sad to be missing OFF this year, but the schedule just didn't allow it. Maybe I'll try for a class at Madrona in the spring.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

ok, on to the next season

Well, I'm sad to say I finished the self striping shawl.....sad because it was so much fun to do. Made me wish there was more!

The colors are actually quite a bit brighter than you see here.....mostly because it started raining here about a week ago and hasn't quit since. That's OK, considering the water bill.......;(

Anyway.......I've started to do my holiday knitting and I already have one down. It's a football team inspired cowl that'll make a great gift.

The rest of the folks are all getting felted slippers. I've got one pair done already. They're a pretty quick knit (but a bit of a wrestling match). I'll do them all and then felt them all at the same time. No pics of those. Then I might move on to my newest obsession.....the peace sweater.

What an amazing accomplishment that would be. I know from experience that they look WAY harder than they actually are. The challenge with this one is finding the right yarn that doesn't cost $160 and still works......I'm working on some ideas.

Off to make slippers!