Sunday, January 25, 2015

I won some yarn!!

Won this on a blog post contest.....thanks to the bijous Basin Ranch.
It's 50% yak and 50% cormo....It came with a cute little bag and a pattern for some mittens.
It's kinda bright....and a bit more coarse than you would expect, but it'll be fun to play with.

In other news, still working on the blankie and waiting for the first installment of the shawl pattern club I joined. (that should be next week). I'm also anxiously waiting for the flower show and madrona. They're both on the same weekend this year.....what's a gardening knitter to do??
(go to both, of course)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

working the blankie

and other crafty things......
This week, I made some progress on my scrap pics, you'll just have to trust me.
And I finished this.......

my dragonfly on a bowling ball! It's all grouted and dry, and it just needs a coat of sealer in order to go out in the yard. I think it turned out pretty darned good for a bowling ball.

I recently acquired two more bowling balls, thanks to my sister who stalked the goodwill for them. What's UP with the bowling balls?? They're nearly impossible to find. Maybe everyone else has the same idea??

I'm hoping to score a large lot of stained glass soon.....details to come.

This week, I might have to work on my new bowling balls. I might pour the three stones I have waiting to go, and I'm planning on re-grouting a bird bath that fell apart in the weather.

I'll eventually get bored with the blankie (probably sooner rather than later), and go back to rooting in the stash for something interesting to do. We'll have to see what strikes my fancy.

As you can see, miss kitty is not amused.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

firestarter socks

so, for my post holiday knitting, I decided to do a bit of something for myself....
these firestarter socks have been in the works FOREVER. Like, they've been in my que on ravelry since I joined there. So, without further ado.....

After finishing these, I went back to the blankie for a bit.....I'm going to try to do a little on it every week. We'll see how that goes......

Now it's off to the stash to find the next knitting project, although I've been bitten by the glass bug too.
Yes, that's a dragonfly on a bowling ball. It needs to be grouted, but I think it turned out pretty darned good. Next up, I have a plan to do an owl.....way more complicated, but I think it will be cool. The key to these is small pieces of glass, patience and time. You just have to work on them a bit and then walk away for the day.  the other trouble is finding the bowling balls. All of a sudden, there seems to be a rush on used, beat up bowling balls at the local thrift stores. WHAT's up with that??

Sunday, December 28, 2014

PHEW!!!! I made it

And just in time....

After the Christmas knit-a-thon, I'm feeling a little bored. The final count was 2 pairs  of slippers, 4 cowls, a pair of boot toppers, 8 pairs of fingerless gloves, and 2 soap holders.

I'm tired now.......

Time for a little something for me, and also back to the stash. Yesterday, I restarted my firestarter socks. No rush here, just plugging away at them, I barely made it past the toe.

When I was working on my Christmas knitting, I must have gone through the stash 20 times. The good news is, the Christmas gifts used up some of it. The bad news is, not enough. (it just seems to keep growing....wonder how that happens). So, it's back to the stash for me.

Some good Christmas things, there were a LOT of cool free patterns for the holidays, and I snagged a bunch, with next year in mind. (I'm definitely starting earlier next year), I was able to introduce my mom and niece to the magic that is ravelry (almost lost them there), and I won some very cool Yak yarn in a contest. It's not here yet, but pics when it arrives, I promise.

Last but not least, miss kitty has found herself a new place.
This ball came from the Christmas clearance section. It's meant to be a light. I'm going to paint it blue, put a solar light in it, and I think it will be pretty cool in my moon garden, but only if miss kitty will give it up.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

I've got a good exucse..........

I've been knitting Christmas gifts like a mad woman for the last couple of weeks. At some point, my sister and I decided to make little gift bags for all 15 of the folks that are coming here for dinner. So, wouldn't it be fun if they all had a little knitted item? Of course!!

So, with miss kitty's approval......8 pairs of fingerless mitts, give or take, two hats, one pair of boot cuffs, three coffee sleeves, two pairs of felted slippers, two soap sacks,  three cowls, and a partridge in a pear tree!!

No wonder I'm tired.

Still have a couple to finish, but I think I'm going to make it. After all, I have four days, right?

Sunday, November 30, 2014

I've been busy!!

so I haven't posted for a while... I know.
I've done a couple of cowls and some football team mitts.......and some felted slippers.
The problem is I keep falling in love with what I'm making, then I have to make another for a present.
It's WAY too cold and yukky to garden, so, knitting it is!

So far, I've managed to avoid the sales, although the black trillium sale was WAY too tempting.....I AM a sucker for a gradient.

Next up, a scarf from stash, and another pair of slippers. After that, I think the gift knitting will be done and I can focus on ME!

On a happy note......Cinnamon Brown turned  8 this week. Time flies......Happy birthday sister!

Sunday, November 09, 2014

just a little stash enhancement....

Yesterday we made a trip to Knit Fit in seattle. Although it's not the biggest knitting fest, it was really nice, with a great (free) marketplace and some indie dyers that were new to the area.
I had to get a couple of things.....Christmas knitting, ya know.
Since it rained continuously this week, I finished the cowl. I'm keeping it because I fell in love with it in the process. MINE, MINE, MINE.....
It just needs a little blocking......
I also started some short wave mitts....these are not nearly as hard as they look, once you get the idea.
That was really just a few hours of knitting, and they're turning out pretty good. I'll have enough to make two sets, I think, so they'll be Christmas gifts too....

Next week, more gift knitting....finishing the mitts, and onward!