Sunday, September 14, 2014

all blankie, all the time

just working away on the blankie....the weather is hot, the blankie is making progress.
it might be a little short.....If I'm not too burned out at the end, I might make another panel.  We'll see.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

blankie, part 4

this week I finished the third strip, sewed it on and started on the fourth. It's looking pretty darned good, if I do say so myself. No pics though, nothing really new to look at, it's just wider.

Pretty soon, we'll be taking off for OFF. Last year, they had the WORST weather ever there. This year, we're definitely hoping for better. Because the weather was SO bad (the tents were blowing away), some of the vendors left early. Hopefully, we'll get to see a bit more this year. I'm looking forward to it, and hope to get something special for a winter project.

I'll leave you with miss kitty. She has discovered the joy of being up high. She lobes the top of the bookcase, where she can go over into the window on the right, or the transom on the left. It makes a perfect kitty race track, don't cha know. She just needs to perfect her landing.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

plugging away on the blankie.....

So, I finished a second panel and cast on for the third. In the mean time, I sewed the first two together, and I quite like how it's working out. Wish it was a little longer, though, but I guess you can't have everything. No pics, there's really nothing new.

The rainy season has started now, so there will be a LOT more knitting as it just gets too wet to do anything else. Still a bit more of working in the yard though before THAT time.....

Miss kitty says "when will I get more attention???" soon......

Sunday, August 24, 2014

it's been a yarny kind of week

After having a REALLY crummy birthday, (there was this fence post and a bunny), and not buying yarn for quite some time.....I decided to go all out in a belated birthday present to me!
Black trillium triggered the mini-spree by putting all her yarns on sale. I've been eyeing this gradient for a while, with the yellowjacket shawl in mind. The sale (and the crummy birthday), were just too much, and resistance was futile.
I won't start the shawl until the weather starts to go bad, which will be soon enough.

Next up, was the loopy ewe. I've always loved their kits, and they're just great folks with great yarn. I couldn't resist their eighth anniversary kit....I mean, really, smooshy with cashmere.....The pattern that came with it didn't do much for me, but the yarn.......and the little kit is pretty cool too, with a magnetic closure and some really cute little snips a couple of darning needles, and some nice cable needles as well. You can never have too much of any of those things.
In other knitting news, I'm just about done with the second blankie panel. I think I'm going to sew them together as I go, so I can see exactly where I'm at. Pics next week on that one.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

working away at the cables

this week, I worked away on my cables. On one day, it was just too hot, on another, it was just too wet, so, knitting it was. No looks the same as last time, just longer. I finished the first strip, cast on for the second one, and I'm about half way there. Then the weather got better, and it was back outside for some more (much needed) weeding.

I also bought myself a belated birthday present.  I'm pretty proud of myself, I haven't bought any yarn this year at all, with the exception of my michaels blankie yarn, so when black trillium had a sale, I just had to jump in and get myself some butterscotch gradient. I've been looking at the yellowjacket shawl for a long time. The pattern is really messed up, but some brave soul on ravelry went through the whole thing and posted her fixes. It will definitely be a winter knit, but I think I'm ready to tackle it.

Last but not least, Friday was yogi's birthday.
Happy Birthday Yogi Bear! He's 4 now, and he's turned into a beautiful, sweet grownup. (even if he is a goofy couch tater!)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

summer's a hard time to knit

It's just TOO HOT to sit around with a bunch of yarn in your lap. No progress this week on the cabled throw, although I haven't given up. Just too busy watering, gardening and baking (myself). On Monday, it's supposed to be nearly 100 degrees here. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

I know, we hate the rain, we hate the sun.....gotta have a hobby.

I have been working on my glass a bit.
These two stones are going to be poured today.....

That one with the fish is actually better than it looks. The tray underneath has a pattern and it's showing through, confusing things a bit. It took me FOREVER to do, all those little pieces of ground glass.
This guy has been re grouted and is ready to be sealed too.....
I've got plans for today (even though it's going to be nearly 90!)
On a happy note......this week is Yogi's 4th birthday!
Happy birthday Yogi Bear~


Sunday, July 27, 2014

More of the same....

So, this week it rained (yeah!!), and some real knitting got done. I'm just about done with the first panel of the blankie, just trying to decide exactly how long is long enough.
No's the same as last week, just longer.

I'm hanging at the fair this week for the master gardeners, and at the market next week (same reason), so they'll be some knitting time there too...

Doggies say.....we like the rain, but it's boring. We'd rather bake. If  we can't do that, we'll nap. With the bone, of course!