Sunday, September 20, 2015

new yarn and elephant shoes

I've been busy, very busy, knitting elephant shoes....
This is only half of them, the other half are ready to felt. These need a second sole and then they'll be ready to go too. The second sole is a total wrestling match and really hard on my hands, so I'm going to try to do one a day and be done with it. this will finish my Christmas knitting that I HAD to get done.

I might make a couple more things, just because I have the time, maybe a scarf or cowl and some fingerless mitts.

I also got my summer camp yarn this week, (and a little thing that jumped in the cart along with it). Might as well, had to pay shipping either way, right?

The camp yarn is the blue/purple one. The other is "ladybug". Couldn't resist. I'll divide it in half and make a couple of plain toe-up socks. (in my spare time).

This week, I'll be finishing the slippers and felting them. I'm kinda sad to be missing OFF this year, but the schedule just didn't allow it. Maybe I'll try for a class at Madrona in the spring.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

ok, on to the next season

Well, I'm sad to say I finished the self striping shawl.....sad because it was so much fun to do. Made me wish there was more!

The colors are actually quite a bit brighter than you see here.....mostly because it started raining here about a week ago and hasn't quit since. That's OK, considering the water bill.......;(

Anyway.......I've started to do my holiday knitting and I already have one down. It's a football team inspired cowl that'll make a great gift.

The rest of the folks are all getting felted slippers. I've got one pair done already. They're a pretty quick knit (but a bit of a wrestling match). I'll do them all and then felt them all at the same time. No pics of those. Then I might move on to my newest obsession.....the peace sweater.

What an amazing accomplishment that would be. I know from experience that they look WAY harder than they actually are. The challenge with this one is finding the right yarn that doesn't cost $160 and still works......I'm working on some ideas.

Off to make slippers!