Sunday, September 25, 2011


and free wollemeise!
the wollemeise is the prize for completing all 3 projects from the loopy ewe camp loopy. I'll definitely be doing it again next summer, wollemeise or not. It was a blast!

Of course to get my wollemeise, I felt the need to place an order. This yumminess is madtosh light in the dahlia colorway. I got it for the koi rama knit along that starts oct 1. I love kitman's patterns and I hope this will be no exception. The yarn is actually a bit more berry than pink. Trust me, it's gorgeous

I also got my anne kit this week. I love the pattern, although I might add a 3 stitch garter border at the top to keep it from rolling. The yarn, not so much. It's quite a bit lighter than the photos and has a dime-sized patch of white where the dye didn't take. Next time I'll just wait and get the pattern.

One more fun thing. The knitter's life list. So far it seems to be a pretty fun book. No patterns at all, just all about knitting, techniques, etc. A good bedtime read. Next to it is our version of the house plan. The other one is still out with the professional, hopefully we'll see something this week!

Monday, September 19, 2011

some (almost) fo's

I know, I'm late. I have a good reason, though. Yesterday was the final class for the colorwork sweater. It's almost done, just needs some work on the seams to finish.
The color is not as pink as this pic.

I also finished the phoenix and the carpet KAL. Needs to be blocked. I loved the yarn and the color "african violets". I'll definitely do more with the unique sheep.

(snoopy boxers not included)

Some socks got done too. Rock and weave to be a christmas present. They just need a toe and some buttons. What's that next to the sock? It's a hexipuff. Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon for the beekeepers quilt. I figure I have enough "bits" to go quite a ways. I'll work on it a bit at a time, no rush.

this week, hopefully I'll get the knitting with jane kit, enroll for a kitman figueroa KAL in october, get a couple of books I ordered and start another christmas present pair of socks.

In house news, it's off at the designer's. Should have a first draft plan soon!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

too hot to knit

well, being the pacific nw girl I am, I HATE hot weather. Guess what! This week has been the longest stretch over 80 degrees in history. Yep, we set a record. It's pretty much impossible to think about knitting or sitting with a wool sweater on your lap when you're baking. So, the colorwork sweater sits in the "craft room" (also known as the crap room), without it's sleeves. I'll need to finish it this week, though, because the final class is on next week sunday. Good thing it's going to be cooler.

The only knitting I've done this week was yesterday, while I hung out at the farmer's market for the master gardeners. I worked on my sister's christmas sock, and really, got quite a ways. It's the rock and weave sock and there's not really much to think about there knitting-wise, just go. Makes a good doing something else project. No pics, though.

I didn't even buy any yarn this week, imagine that, although I did get some. I'll have to show pics next time. The really cool thing we DID do was meet with a contractor and sign a design agreement for our new house. I'm really excited about the whole creative aspect of picking out stuff and working with an interior designer and landscape designer to pull it all together.

I'll leave you with some doggie inspiration.......
they're very happy about maybe having a new house too. They'll get their own door and kennel if all goes well.

Hairy Boxer just because it cracks me up every time I see it.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

back from the beach

and baking too boot!
It never gets very hot around here, that's why I LIKE it. This week, we are having a string of days that are close to 90 degrees. Hard to think about knitting. It was sunny and warm at the beach though, and a good time was had by all.

Before we left, the mailman brought me this:
Mrs. Dalloway kit from woolgirl. I'm not that hot on the pink, but the pattern is great and by knitspot and there's goodies too.

I'm expecting a junkmail jackpot today after having it held since last week and a holiday in there too. (that's if the mailidiot remembers to bring it).
He just doesn't understand when he doesn't deliver my mail when it's supposed to be, I get antsy and crabby....there's YARN in there.
like, a sweater's worth of skinny bugga and the knitpics sweater kit I order for my winter project. I mean, REALLY!

I should also be getting my knitting with jane shawl kit soon. I fell in love with the pattern and just couldn't resist. Ok, enough yarn for now (NOT!)

The colorwork sweater is coming along, just sleeves to sew in and edging to sew on. The last class which is finishing is on sept 18th, so I'll be ready.
Now the attention HAS to turn to making (ACK!!) christmas gifts. Three pairs of socks and a couple of really cute little knit doggies, maybe more.

In news on another front, we meet tomorrow with a new potential contractor to build our house. Fingers crossed!