Sunday, February 26, 2012

rams and yowes

If you think you love this blankie, KNIT IT NOW!!!
It's a really, really fun knit and the yarn is amazing.
As you can see, I now have a few rams joining my yowes and I'm about 1/2 way there.....
Love it!

This week, we should be getting the rest of the yarn to finish the mary scott huff KAL, the little price KAL starts on march 1st, more rams and yowes, and possible some progress on the bugga sweater.
All in my spare time when I'm not shopping for the new house and getting a new crown.
(funny how that works out, huh, although I'm not laughing!)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

well. I couldn't just come home empty handed now!

I've had the pleasure of spending the last 2 days knitting at Madrona. Our local knitting retreat that actually draws folks from all around the world and the country.
It never ceases to amaze me when I hang out with knitters. The sweaters! The options!
The talent!

On friday, I took a wonderful class from Gail Roehm on reading japanese patterns. I've been intrigued by this since I saw it at the first sock summit, but not able to get in. This time I was lucky. Very lucky. It was a day FULL of information, great handouts, knitting and learning. I highly recommend this to anyone who's interested. It also makes me feel pretty good to sit in a class that was probably half knitting designers (they take classes too, you know), and keep up. I did have to buy a stitch pattern book, and I'll keep my eyes peeled now for other books as well. (they're really expensive - shipping and all) It just opens a whole new world of knitting, and the japanese designers have some pretty amazing ideas. Oh, and on saturday, I learned intarsia. I'm feeling like I can tackle anything now!

The rest of that was my impulse buy.(like I NEED more yarn) Some nice abstract fiber. (It was in the clearance bin, OK?) and the grey is for some man-socks. This time I'll try to keep it away from the thieving devil cat.

Next up, some rams and yowes (I have the rest of the yarn now), working through the principles of knitting - THAT was waiting on my doorstep friday when I got home, the bugga sweater, and whatever catches my eye.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

this was the week to finish

This week I decided that I needed to finish a few things before starting anything else. I finally got the yarn I needed to finish the violets, and I was waiting for that to be done to steek both the violets and the sweater.
I can happily say that the violets are steeked and done.........

and the sweater only needs a bit of the button band and some blocking.

I'll probably finish the button band today, but wait until the end of the week to block. It's going to smell like a wet sheep for quite a while. It's REALLY thick and heavy.

This week.......MADRONA. I'm taking 2 classes, japanese stitches and intarsia. I've wanted to learn both of these techniques for quite a while, so I was lucky to get in.
I'll need to spend some time getting my supplies ready.

I'd also like to start rams and yowes, and continue on the box jellyfish bugga sweater. We'll see how THAT goes.
Stay tuned next week for the madrona haul.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

working on it

someone commented this week that there haven't been too many knitting pics on here lately. Well, I'm WORKING on it! Between the snow and no power, I lost about 2 weeks into the twilight zone, and I'm finally getting caught up. Now it's 60 degrees and sunny here. Who'd have thought just 2 weeks ago we were literally buried up to our butts in snow!

I started a sweater.....this is leaving by anne hanson in some beautiful bugga box jellyfish. The original plan didn't work, I think this one will. The pictures just can't do the color justice.

I'm finally finishing the violets scarf. Thanks to Mary Scott Huff, rockstar knitting designer and awesome person, I scored the yarn I needed to finish. It's almost ready to be steeked. I'll do the sweater at the same time. It's a lot of work to dig out the sewing machine.

I also started this fun little KAL, again thanks to Mary Scott Huff. Isn't it cute?

This week, squiggi goes to the flower show. (my other obsession - gardening) I always come home with the WORST case of spring fever and then it snows. ARGH! Last year, I didn't get to go because of the white stuff. We've had enough already, so keep your fingers crossed we're done.

In house news, the financing came through this week and we'll be closing in the next week. Let the games begin!!!!!!!

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