Sunday, March 27, 2011

spring is sprung

so not much knitting is done.......
my mermaid KAL. I'm almost done with clue 2, and clue 3 is waiting in the wings.
ACK! I'm behind! The trip to the beach set me back a bit as well as my painful mistake that caused me to rip it all out and start over. The next clue will be out on friday, so hopefully, I'll get caught up a bit.....

My replacement yarn arrived this week. Good to see that kelly at the unique sheep has a sense of humor!

I THOUGHT I was making progress on my eiki, until I read some nice raveler's notes.
The charts are all supposed to be done AT THE SAME TIME, not one at a time. No wonder I was quickly running out of yarn. Rip it, rip it.
I HATE when the pattern assumes that you automatically know this or that. I don't.
I'd much rather have too many directions that not nearly enough.
Onward and upward. It's raining today, so good knitting opportunities.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

We're Baaaccckkk

Betcha didn't even know we were gone.
This weekend, we packed up the doggies and headed out for here....

One of my most favorite places in the world, the oregon coast, cannon beach to be specific.
On the way down, we stopped in portland at Twisted, a totally fun, cool yarn store, where THIS had to come home with me. It will be my Batik shawl.

While we were there I worked on this....
It's Eiki by Janel Laidman. A fun little knit done here in some mystery skinny bugga that is quite nice. I'm almost up to where the lace starts on the edging. I thought it would be a great beach knit, and the profits went to the japanese relief efforts. How can you go wrong?

The kitties enjoyed their moments of peace without the puppy.

A good time was had by all.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'd like to title this work of art.....

boxer puppy meets silk lace yarn.

It WAS rolled into balls. Just too much temptation for the poor guy.
This is my Ling silk lace yarn for the little mermaid KAL. Good think it's in 4 sections, 1,2,and 3 were salvageable. 4 was a fatality. Thanks to Kelly at the Unique sheep for bailing me out and making another #4 skein for me.
Good thing I started with #1.

(and yes, they WERE put out of reach - or at least I THOUGHT so)
it's pretty hard to be mad at this face for too long, though.

I'll be digging through the stash today to find an interim project to work on between clues. I'm also waiting for some yarn I purchased from a destash on rav to make some man-socks.
Gotta have something to do while it rains!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

thank goodness THAT's over......

What a difference a week makes. The snow is pretty much all gone and it's 50 degrees.
Go figure. The hummingbirds are still hanging out and feeding like crazy, though.
It's so serious that you have to be careful when you go out the door here. You're likely to get "buzzed" and cursed at a bit for interrupting their dinner.
I know it's really hard to see in this pic, but look right in the middle. They DO sit still, much more than we actually think. Most of their still time is guarding their feeders from other hummingbirds. I don't know how many there are in our yard, but yesterday, I saw 4 at once, so there's at least that many.

This week, the mailman was good to me. When I saw the blue and white knee-highs in that book, I had to have it. The chart reading one was just an add-on to make it to the amazon free shipping minimum. It DOES look extremely interesting, though, and I've taken classes from JC Briar at sock summit and found them very informative.

So, here's what I did with my snow down time. It's a lace wedding shawl for one of my clients that's getting married in august. I'm going to run out of yarn two rows short of it being complete, but I'm finishing this last row and casting off. It's been a fairly easy knit and is open and light. Perfect for an august evening wedding.
I'll block it and put it away until it's time.

I'm also still working on the endless hooded scarf from hades - no progress there..... I think it'll end up being a christmas present for my sister next year.
Next up.... The little mermaid KAL. Graience lace and beads. I can hardly wait!
As you can see, the doggies are overcome with excitement.