Monday, May 28, 2007

Buying on the internet is soooo easy

Happy Memorial Day.
I've been working busily on my lace socks with the Sundara Cherry Tree.
They're turning out great, in spite of my worries that there will not be enough yarn.
Now I'm thinking there's going to be JUST enough to finish. Pics when they're done

I went on line today and bought some Southwest trading company bamboo to do the lotus tank.I think this will be a grea challenge. I liked the turquiose color that it's made in, so I decided to go with that. Also got some brown sheep cotton fleece to do rusted root. It's kind of a nice pink color. which to start first!

The weather is supposed to be nice and warm here this week, so much yard work to do.
Doggies will enjoy sitting out on the nice warm porch in the sun.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Some FO's, and gratuitious doggie pics

Here are some socks that I finshed recently.
The pinkish ones are the Rock and Weave socks with STR
Rhodonite. The purple and green ones are Falling Cedars with STR
Tide Pool. I think I'm addicted to STR.
Now I need to decide what to start next. I'd like to do a summer tank top or shell,
but I may be forced to start on Rusted Root.

As promised, some doggie photos:

The black and white one is booboo. He's a labmation, and quite proud of it.

The boxer baby is cinnamon brown. She the PRINCESS.

Look how much she's grown just since she came home with us in January

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Welcome to the first day of my blog

Well, here it is, my brand new blog. I hope to show some knitting, some gardening, and some cute critters here. Well see how this works.