Tuesday, May 31, 2011

doggies love the beach

so, on friday before the long weekend, we packed up the doggies and went to the beach. Doggies love the beach and a good time was had by all.

We saw some sights......

picked some rocks....... (oregon agates)

and generally hung out, with a stop at Twisted in portland on the way down where I was unusually good and didn't spend a dime (saving it for sock summit). Did some knitting too, on the socks and the fragipani shawl for sock summit. Pics next time....

When we came home, this was on the porch waiting to say "hi". Now that we're on vacation the rest of the week, trying to get some things done around the house, it's pouring rain. Guess it'll be INSIDE projects for today.

1 comment:

KnitNana said...

You're such a strong-willed person. Nothing at Twisted??? Wow!
The pups look very happy...is that their Daddy? Nice lookin' guy!