Sunday, May 22, 2011

A week of FO's (sort of)

This week brought the finish of Batik. I think it turned out beautifully. A little too heavy for sock summit, but it should be great for next winter.

I also FINALLY finished the mermaid KAL (sort of). It turned out WAY better than I was expecting, but the bind off is WAY too tight. Like, half of what it needs to be too tight. I'm totally mad at myself because I kept going and even wove in the ends, but when it got to blocking.....WAY too tight. Now it's going to have to dry and I'm going to have to pick out the bind off and do it again. Yes, I did use a "stretchy" bind off technique, but there's no stretch there. Next time, bigger needle and a different technique. It's going to rest for a while, though, 'cause I need to move on to sock summit projects.

Stitch markers.......

A shawl with the anzula yarn that should be here any day. I'm thinking Fragipani by kitman. (the same person who did Batik). I would have done damask, but that's SO done already by someone else. I want mine to be different.

And, yes, I DO still knit socks. (I certainly have enough yarn!)

The good news here is the weather has improved........
The bad news, not much........

next week.....stash enhancement!


KnitNana said...

WHAT CUTE STITCH MARKERS! do you make those with the long loops? What is the material that makes the loop?
LOVE your shawl, but yes, it does look a mite too heavy for Portland in July.

Bea said...

Your batik is absolutely stunning. Love it.