Sunday, May 08, 2011

A bit of excitement this week!

This week brought a bit of excitement. Registration for SOCK SUMMIT!!!!!!!
So, wed. at exactly 11:55, we hunkered down with a class list, credit card and a lot of patience. Even the doggies were excited.

I'm happy to report that this time it went very smoothly (for me at least) and I got the one class I wanted - tesselations with franklin habit, the opening ceremonies, and two lectures, pooling and stephanie's talk on sat night. I'm so excited I can hardly sit still! Oh, and swag. Did I mention swag? T-shirt, zipper, thingy, and button, of course.
We had such a great time last summit and met SO many great friends (knitnana).
This experience will be a bit different, not so many classes (planned that way), and I'm working for a vendor on sat morning. Plenty of time for shopping, eating out, and flash mobbing. (note to self - still need to get that extra tiara for P.)
If it sounds like a wild crazy fun time, it IS......
Is is july yet?????

There was a bit of fun too.....the loopy ewe mother's day kit. Loved the colors of the yarn.

And some progress on little mermaid and batik.

I also signed up for the next one - the phoenix and the carpet.
This week, a stop by yorkshire yarns for sweater yarn for the mary scott huff class, and possibly a trip to shipwreck to find stitch marker beads for the sock summit swap.
Is is july yet?

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KnitNana said...

Oh! Reading along merrily till suddenly I read "Knitnana!" as one of the friends you made at SS09!!!
YES. SO very glad we met and got to be friends, where would I be right now without having met you?

(Hint: MUCH HEAVIER! You were my inspiration all thru my weight loss at Weight Watchers!!! - and still are, tho' NOW...I'm other people's inspiration! Whoohoo!)

I'm going to live vicariously for this Sock Summit - and I know you'll have a BLAST.
(Is that yogi looking bored there? Poor puppy, does he realize you're leaving him for those days in July?)
nope...but he will!