Saturday, January 31, 2009

A couple of FO's

This week brough a ton of stress about moving the studio to the house, but a couple of FO's. In my race to beat the sock club shipment, finished cloning anemone socks, modeled by Boo. He's very excited, you can tell

I also finished this little pair of wrist warmers. Made from the leftover man socks STR from christmas. I needed the needles they were on to start the gumdrops socks.
I'm trying to get caught up with last year's Sock club before starting on the new one.

SPEAKING of the new one, isn't THIS yummy.....

I'll be starting the goody gumdrops socks soon, but I really need to get to painting, working on the inside of the house, moving equipment, and learning that new bodypump and bodyflow..... What spare time?????

We're headed out to the home show today to check out potential house stuff, with a side trip to trader joe's and the Cannery to look at furniture.
Madrona is in 2 weeks, so I need to be at least kind of good now to justify going there. Hard to do when you have to spend a HUGE lump for another reformer.

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Bea said...

Love the socks and the mitts and the ocean inspired yarn. They are all lovely.

I've given you a blog award. Go check it out on my blog!