Sunday, January 18, 2009

not too much news to report

Wow, january is half over already. YIKES!
It's going to be july faster than I want to think, and that test is looming overhead.
The good news is, we had a fairly dry week here, no snow, rain, sleet, hail, nothing. Just warmer than usual temps and a lot of fog. There are still huge piles of snow in the parking lots around town. Imagine....

In knitting news, the noro scarves are finished and I'm on to the cloning anemone sock from last year's STR club. I figure I'd better get going since the first 2009 shipment is due practically any day.
This is Boo, modeling the partially finished first sock. I'm almost to the heel and they're going pretty fast.

I'll wrap up today with a still life study.

A girl and her moose.
Imagine, a boxer being still. It's a miracle!


Bea said...

Wow any dog being still is a miracle, but I bet yours is crazy like mine. Glad the weather isn't so snowy.

Gnat said...

What great pictures! I love doggie models!