Sunday, February 03, 2013

happy valentine's day

A bit early, I know, but yogi couldn't resist the scarf.
(after all, he tore it apart about 5 times while I was making it.)

It's all done now, with the exception of a couple of ends to weave in. I think I've finally got the hang of double knitting....maybe. I'm definitely up for attempting a bit more difficult project, just not right now.

This week, I'll be back to finishing the bugga sweater. I only have 2 sleeves to finish, some blocking to do and then the sewing together and button bands. It's supposed to rain, hard, all week, so there's some good knitting time in there somewhere.

I'm getting pretty excited for madrona. Gotta pick up my thistle stole. (yogi definitely won't be getting ahold of THAT one). Who knows what else will catch my fancy, although I have PLENTY of projects.

The following week is the big seattle flower show. I save and dream about this one all year. This year, we have an acre of dirt to plant, so I'll be looking for some special treats. I try to focus on things that are special or rare, and that you generally can't get anywhere else. I have a special soft spot for peonies and tree peonies, and also black plants. The peonies are expensive, but long lived and easy to grow.

I'll be sure to show the spoils from both when the time comes.

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KnitNana said...

OMGosh! That scarf is adorable!! Happy V-Day to you and yours...especially Ozzie.