Sunday, February 24, 2013

thistle stole

well, actually, thistle table runner........
Last week, this followed me home from madrona. Of course, I had to cast on right away and get going.
I love stranded colorwork, the way it flows off the needles and the pattern emerges. This one is no exception. I've finished the border, thanks to a rainy week, and I'm working on the first set of leaves.
I didn't do the knitted in border, those never seem to work for me. I'll sew it down later.
There will probably be some quality time this week to add to this. It's supposed to rain AGAIN.
In other news, this week, we went to the seattle flower show. It was pretty amazing and more than a few things followed me home. Cool things.....Now all I need is a yard to plant them in.
Yogi says "look at me!! I have a new red bone. I LOVES my red bone!"
(sister likes them too, she's just not as enthusiastic)

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