Monday, January 28, 2013

better late than never

bad blogger!!!!
bad, bad blogger!!!
it wouldn't let me in until I changed my password at least twice. ARGH!!

Alrighty..... this week was pretty productive knitting-wise.
I finished this scarf

and these socks

ande worked on the bugga sweater and this scarf....loving the double knitting class, by the way.
this scarf keeps having "accidents" . The doggie has stolen it a couple of times and unrolled the yarn, taken out the stitches, and finally, today, broke both of the knitpicks needles that were in it.
it's hard to be mad too long at this face, though......
this week, it's supposed to rain like crazy. Good knitting weather.  There'll be some more hexis, some more bugga sweater, and I hope to finish this scarf, which, by the way, is way too thick to be a scarf. I'm thinking table runner.

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