Tuesday, January 01, 2013

happy new year

I know, a rare, non weekend post, but I couldn't pass up the chance to say happy new year!!!!

2012 was pretty eventful in a lot of ways. This time last year, we were anxiously waiting for financing and planning for the house build. What a difference a year makes!!

I've never much been one for "resolutions", but I do have some goals for 2013......
I want it to be the year of living lighter. After having to move all that "stuff", most of it by myself in a million little trips over the course of a month or so, I think we need to get rid of more of it. We're already planning a shop clearing and yard sale for the spring. We'll see if the man will let go of anything. He tends to be one of those folks who insist it'll be good for something, I'll so something with it, I have a plan. (NOT!!).

So, it'll be lightening the load, knitting from the stash (with a few exceptions, of course), and working on what we already have. Like, selling our old house and our acre of mud around the new one.

It's also going to be the year of landscaping. We still have to finish the city's soil amendment plan before we can do anything, but, once that's done, I'm calling the landscapers. If we can build a house in a year, we can  build the bones of a garden in a year.......stay tuned...........

So, back to the things I love. Gardening, knitting, feeding the hummingbirds...and maybe some new loves, who knows!

What a difference a year makes!!

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