Saturday, January 05, 2013

still a bit obsessed

Things are finally settling down and settling in, and it's WAY too cold and wet to go outside just yet. (although I did get a bit of painting done). I have to admit, I'm still a bit obsessed with the hexipuffs......I've set a goal for somewhere about 10 per week. Last count was around 65 (and growing).

I had to step back from them a bit. There ARE other things to work on, you know.
Here's the other watermelon sock, well on it's way......

I'm trying to force myself to finish some of those UFO's, or ditch them, whichever would be better, so, I'll fish around and find another half finished project for my next trick......stay tuned.

I think I'll leave you with a little flower eye candy. This really IS as large as it looks and beautiful. It's also sending up a second stem, so it'll be around for a while.....

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