Sunday, January 13, 2013

finishing ufo's

This week was pretty productive knitting-wise. It was too cold to go outside and paint or garden, so I focused on finishing up a few things that have been taking up space in the UFO pile.

First up, the watermelon socks. There's just something about a watermelon sock that makes me happy.

I also finished a wrestling match of a hooded scarf that's been hanging around forever. It was about 10 rows short of this endless slip stitch pattern that was made only more boring by having to wrestle the yarn and needles into submission. It's done now, no pics yet......

AND I picked up the bridge of roses socks that I started about a year ago. I had one sock done and gave up because it's a bit of a fiddly pattern. The second sock doesn't seem that bad, though, and I'm already past the heel.

Next up on the UFO adjenda, the beaded belles socks I started a LOOONNNGGGG time ago. Then I'll go back to the pile and see what else I can finish. I think that's about it, though, with the exception of a tank top that needs some top ribbing.

I'm trying to wrap up most of the misc. unfinished projects before madrona and the flower show distract me.

In my theme of 2013 being the year of double knitting, I also signed up for the craftsy double knitting class. (it was on sale, ya know). I've taken some double knitting classes before at my LYS, and never quite gotten it. That makes me even more determined. So far, I'm loving the class. You can watch it as many times as you like, and replay the important parts over. I finished the sample starter piece in the first lesson, and I think I'll work on the wrist warmers in the second one. This is working for me.

So, this week, maybe another class lesson, some more hexis (I have about 90 now), finish bridge of roses socks, and dig out the beaded belles.


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