Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy easter!

well, I DID make some progress this week, only because it continued to rain incessantly.

I think I'll be caught up with the shawl by the end of this week. There's only one more clue left. They're going to announce another KAL when all the clues for this one are done. I'm in, I'm SO in!

I also started on Batik. Cinnamon brown is modeling the beginning of it here......

The mailman was good to me too...
Yogi is inspecting the loopy ewe april kit. I know the yarn looks black, but it's a very deep, rich purple. Gorgeous.

The classes and vendor list for sock summit were released this week, oh, my!
I don't really plan on doing any classes, maybe a lecture? The plan is to go down there on thurs, shop on friday and volunteer on sat, home on sunday, broke and happy.
There's always the keynote dinner, something planned for sat, I'm sure, and TONS of other things to do, never enough time. It has to be wrong to be SO excited about something that's nearly 4 months away. right?


KnitNana said...

Have a fabulous time at SS11!

Bea said...

That bunny just cracks me up.