Monday, April 18, 2011

oh, yeah,

well, the weather is finally better, so there's really not much knitting to share.
I'm still working on the little mermaid. At least the next clue is easy, so hopefully I'll get caught up. They'll be announcing a new one in a couple of weeks, I'm already in.

I signed up for the colorwork series that involves making a sweater. I have one picked out and everything, just need the yarn.

I also bought the april loopy ewe kit. Just couldn't resist that purple. It should be here this week, so I'll have something to show next time.
Cast on for batik too.

In the mean time, here's a little ozzie for ya.

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KnitNana said...

I'm so glad it's finally spring for you! I'm missing being able to visit as often, due to work issues. But Ozzie is so cute - stretched out in bliss! Eyes to the camera, "hey mom, shut that thing off!"
So get your yarn for the colorwork sweater, I must live vicariously you know?
(((hugs))) (enjoy the gardening!)