Sunday, February 07, 2010


And just in time. These are the Knitter's Brewing Co mystery socks.
They turned out pretty nice, in spite of coming out a bit large. I switched to a smaller needle for the foot and it worked out well.

These have been my focus this week, since they have a feb. 14th due date for the contest. Haruni is progressing nicely, though, and the mitten is almost done with the hand. I'll be working on both of those this week.
I'm looking for another KAl for socks. I need a small, portable project OTN for meetings, etc. Haruni is great, but it's just not in a portable stage any more and requires way too much concentration.

Today, off to the Pacific Northwest flower and garden show. (can you say "spring fever?")

Next week, MADRONA!!!!!!
No classes, just shopping. What more could you want?

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Bea said...

These are totally awesome.