Saturday, February 27, 2010

A couple of fo's and some more "bad girl"

This week brought a couple of fo's
First up - skew - these were my ravelympics project. I'm happy to say I've collected my medal and crossed the finish line. They were a fun knit, but, like the designer says, you have to have faith in the pattern. It all comes together in the end.

The second FO is (are?) the "Sassy" selbu mittens, Queen of hearts, from the Mary Scott Huff class at the end of january. These would have been done sooner, but they took one skein of the white plus about 10 yards, so it looked like I was not going to have enough yarn. My thanks go out to the generous raveler who sent me a partial skein and allowed me to finish them THIS winter. They're very thick and warm, and pretty cool. Thanks Mary!

Now for the bad. I had only one more order to place with the loopy ewe to be a "groupie". I was going to wait for the first sock club shipment - which should happen next week, but when I saw this nice dream in color starry (crying dove) it just jumped into the cart! Really it did! So, my loopy entry prize was a cool bag, some MORE yarn, and chocolate (that didn't last long). It all arrived 2 days after ordering. Sheri and the elves really do a great job.

Now I'm kind of at a loss. I think I'll play around with casting on "birch" by Chrissy Gardiner. It's entrelac and lace and looks like quite a challenge. Ought to be fun!


Bea said...

Love these finishes. Those socks are just crazy.

KnitNana said...

Oh, those mittens are terrific! I loves them...(now why do I loves these and not my own Fair Isle with hearts?)
You are a baa-ad girl! *wink*