Sunday, February 14, 2010

well, I wanted it to be big

Haruni is finished and blocking. It came out great. I made the larger size because I wanted it to be impressive and it certianly is. It's a great knit, not too complicated and you see results quickly. I'd definitely make another.
I'm debating my next project, there's a few I really like.
Maybe another KAL from the knitter's brewing co.
I'm liking the whole KAL idea....maybe some lace??

In other news, Madrona was pretty much a bust. I was very disappointed in the selection (or lack of it) this year. It's not like I waited until the last minute. I was there on saturday morning at 9, but the blue moon booth was already pretty much empty. I did get some "vancouver violet" that I was looking for, but that was about all they had left. Too bad. I probably would have spent more. I also got some great green from lollipop cabin, going to be a "birch". Maybe I'm just spoiled from sock summit, but it didn't seem there was anything really new or cool there. I did fall in love with one cabled vest pattern, but was told, rather rudely, by the person in charge of the booth that I'd HAVE to buy the yarn to get the pattern.
Ya know, there's nearly a million patterns on Ravelry, I think I can find a cabled vest pattern I can buy, or maybe even get for free. No need to be rude.

The other part of that pic is my ravelympics entry. It's "skew" from the knitty surprise. Doesn't look like it's going to work out, but I'm trying to have faith and keep knitting.

I'll leave you with a little taste from the garden show.
Gardening, reading, knitting....what more could you want?


Bea said...

Love love love haruni. Just gorgeous. Sorry about Madrona. That really just sucks.

KnitNana said...

Oh, now that was rude! Your choice is better...Ravelry has cabled vest patterns!
I LOVE the shawl. It's gorgeous. Go you!
Now..I think we're all going to be a bit spoiled by Sock Summit for a bit.
You know?