Sunday, February 21, 2010

I've been a bad, bad girl....

Well, there it is, my confession.
Since Madrona was such a bust, I felt obliged to turn to the Loopy Ewe for some retail therapy. Isn't this a gorgeous red? This was taken right by my back door. The little daffodils look so happy. The other thing there to the left is an ebony sock blocker key chain. Just had to have it.

This week has brought a bunch of progress on SKEW. One is done, the other about 75%. That's good, because it's my ravelympics project and they both need to be done before closing next friday. Don't think it's going to be a problem.

Next week, another loopy ewe order. I know.......... that dream in color starry in the crying dove colorway just JUMPED into the cart. I couldn't help it. It also will be my 6th order, which makes me a loopy groupy. I'll get pre-notice of new stuff. Not sure HOW I'll be able to resist.

Once the Skew's are done, I think I'll finish the mittens, thanks to a very generous person on ravelry, I was able to find a partial skein of the white I need to finish. I'll be paying that one forward for sure.
Next up, Birch by Chrissy Gardiner (bought the yarn at Madrona), and maybe a mystery sock kal. There's a couple of intersting ones on Rav. The first shipment of the loopy ewe sock club should be soon too. I can hardly wait.
It's kind of hard to do too much knitting though. The 60 degree weather REALLY inspires yard work, um, gardening.


Revlahart said...

You do know that there's a bottom up version of Birch, right? You start at the point and work your way up rather than casting on a gazillion stitches to start.

I tried it for some Rowan Kidsilk Classic that I needed to use, but it didn't quite work out.

It's fun keeping up on what you're doing. I should put more of my stuff on Rav or something!


Bea said...

I think something is completely screwed up here. Why is it 60 degrees there but only in the mid 30s here?

KnitNana said...

Geesh. I am soooooooooo envious.

Beautiful stash enhancement!!!