Sunday, September 06, 2009

Have I said how much I love where I live??

On friday night, we went dowtown to Harbor Days. I love where I live.....

These guys have been visiting lately. This is my front yard. Notice the spotted butt on the baby. They're all cute until they eat your flowers!

Saturday was a road trip to portland. Good car knitting on the bag strap. nothing exciting to show, though. I'm using a double knitting technique I learned at sock summit. It's making a pretty substantial strap. I think it's going to work great when it's felted and hopefully not stretch much. The bag is coming along too. I can only work on it for so long because, well, it's kind of boring.

So, in portland we made a stop by the Yarn Garden. They had the universal yarn, "north pole", how could I resist?? the top yarn is north pole victoriana. I'm thinking some plain socks, it is self-striping, and toe-up, so I can use every inch of yarn. The second yarn is handmaiden sea silk from knit-purl. I've been wanting to make a shawl ever since I saw all the really cool ones at sock summit, so I decided to tackle a "gail". After a bit of frustration and some reading on ravelry, I think I'm ready to go. Hopefully they'll be something to show soon.
It's supposed to rain hard here for the next two days. I think we'll be having a pretty lazy labor day around here.......

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Bea said...

Squiggi(? on the mat) looks a lot like my animals hanging around here today. Lazy bums. Your road trip sounds really fun. Love the new yarn.