Sunday, August 30, 2009

mindless knitting

This week has been pretty quiet. Back to almost the full normal schedule. There's still a couple of pilates clients that are mia, and my Y mat class will start back up sept 10. I can't believe it's labor day already. Where did the summer go???

Good news though, on the pilates front. I got my test scores back and I passed with flying colors! Not as high as I would like, kind of greedy, I know, but no client will ever care what my scores were, only that I'm certified. It was an 89 by the way, 85 written and 93 practical. I'll always wonder what I missed, but I'll never know. I have so much free time now that I'm not studying or watching videos constantly. Maybe yardwork? A new project?

I seem to be in between knitting projects right now. Lots of mindless knitting. I'm making a bag for my friend Amy for christmas. It's going to be a messenger bag and I'm hoping to needlefelt her studio logo on the flap. It's from some recycled yarn, not sure where it came from, it was in the stash. I do know I tried felting a swatch of it and it worked fine. Pretty mindless though, knit, knit, knit.
I also got the "Garden" socks to a pretty easy point. The heel is turned on the second one and now I'm just working on the foot, knit, knit, knit.
I'm saving it for the farmer's market next week. I'll need something to do while I sit there.

I'm trying to decide what the next project should be. I REALLY want to do the bonanica medallion from the spring vogue. After I saw it done up on someone at sock summit, it made me want to do it more. Do I NEED to buy more yarn. I also want to do a shawl. I saw some really cool ones done with one zauerball and some great pooling techniques on ravelry this week. Do I really NEED more yarn?? I'd have to order both, since my LYS doesn't have either.

We're headed off to portland for a day next week to do some errands. Maybe we'll have to make a stop at knit-purl.


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I was watching Sunday Morning this a.m. and saw the houseboats along the Portland river, and thought, Hmm...should have gone out to see those while I was there!
Have fun if you hit Knit-Purl!

And CONGRATS on the Pilates certification...