Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gail, oh my!

Gail is complete, blocked and safely put away from meddling cats.
Isn't she beautiful??
I already have a second one started. It will be a very nice christmas gift.

This week also brought some new yarn. The 9 skeins of brown cotton are for the Botanica Medallion. I really love this vest(?), but didn't want to look like a giant doily. I saw it on someone at sock summit and it was beautiful. I think the key is to not make it in an off-white yarn, so I chose a chestnut color. Hope it will work out. The second set of brown and white are for the doggie mittens on ravelry. They're very cute and will be my first official try at colorwork. The brown in this one matches sister perfectly. That was the plan.

I'd love to show you the north pole christmas socks. One was about 90 percent done too, but I decided I didn't like the toe AT ALL, too pointy, so I ripped the whole thing out and started again. The first time the magic cast on went really smoothly, but I swear, I tried to get it to work yesterday for at least an hour and it wasn't happening. I finally gave up and cast on for the second Gail. I'll try the sock again when I feel a bit more patient. Although the socks are very plain, I'm trying to use some of the techniques I learned at sock summit. Judy's magic cast on, short row heels, and a stretchy bind off. See, sock summit just keeps on giving.
I can hardly wait for the next conference. The madrona schedule should be up soon, and I've never really considered classes there, but I'm taking a whole 'nother look at it. I'm definitely thinking about taking a class that will improve my skills and take them to another level.

This week should bring the next installment of the socks that rock sock club. I can hardly wait to see what Tina has for us this time. I've checked out her new colors and I think my credit card is weeping.


KnitNana said...

Gail is gorgeous! You did a fantastic job!

Bea said...

I think this shawl is really beautiful. So sorry about the sock.

Gnat said...

Wow...the shawl is beautiful!!