Sunday, September 13, 2009

lesssons in lace

I was so inspired by all the great shawls I saw at sock summit, I decided I needed one of my own. So, here's what I've learned about lace - just this week too!
1. I cannot knit from a chart. It looks like chinese. If it's written out, I do fine, but the charts, not.
2. It pays to have the best tools. You cannot knit lace with a dull bamboo needle. Addi turbo lace, baby.
3. Lifelines.
4. Patience. Kind of goes with the lifelines.
I'm liking it though. Say hello to Gail. (rav pattern)
I'm on the 6th pattern repeat - out of 7 and booking right along. I don't think it's going to go as fast now, since it keeps growing and growing. The yarn is handmaiden sea silk, northern lights, purchased at knit-purl in portland. I already have a second one planned as a christmas present.

Also, thanks to a nice, warm shift at the farmer's market for the master gardeners yesterday, the garden socks are 99 percent done. All they need is a toe. Good thing, I think the next shipment will be this week and I also want to get started on the north pole christmas socks. Those should go quickly, though, they're going to be plain, toe-up to show off the self-striping yarn.
The felted bag is coming along, but, honestly, it's boring.

On a happy note, I got my pilates certificate yesterday. It's official. I'm certified, and, except for continuing education, finally done. WHAT will I do with my weekends??


Bea said...

The shawl is going to be beautiful. Congrats on receiving the certificate!

KnitNana said...

What will you do with your weekends?
The lace is gorgeous. Using charts comes with practice (like everything else). I started as you did, written instructions. By my third shawl I was chowing down on the charts.
There is NO looking back once you do.
But? Lifelines, I'll never outgrow.