Friday, August 14, 2009

post summit recovery

After the summit, we headed out to the oregon coast for a couple of days.
It was wonderful hanging out on the beach, even though we did get rained on a bit.
I think picking up agates on the beach is one of my favorite pastimes, right next to knitting, of course. Check out some of the cool red agates in the middle of the plate.

Now I'm starting to think of christmas gift knitting, and maybe a lace shawl. I was so inspired by all the beautiful ones at the summit. I think I must have one of my own. If I start now, I can finish it before the next summit!
The garden socks are coming right along....
pics later.


KnitNana said...

I think you did the very BEST thing to recover!!!
And yes, you must knit a shawl!

Bea said...

I love the Oregon coast. Its so pretty and so peaceful.