Sunday, August 11, 2013

i got nothin' for ya

Spent the week working away on the vitamin D sweater, watering the yard and weeding.
Can't keep up with any of them, and can't seem to finish them either.
The sweater is in the "endless stockinette" stage, where you just feel like you're knitting backwards and nothing is getting accomplished. I'll probably finish it this week, though. It will just need a bit of steaming/blocking and some pics and it'll be ready to go. Then it'll be back to girasole and some Christmas knitting.

I'll leave you with some cute kitty pics instead, why not.....
as you can see, she's outgrowing her strawberry box, although she still loves it.....
we're moving her on to a salad box......

I'm not sure what the box attraction is, but at least it's cheap.

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