Sunday, August 18, 2013

a burst of finishitis

On Thursday, it rained....for the first time in two months. I took the opportunity to finish a BUNCH of things that have been languishing around the house, waiting for a rainy day.....
first up, leafling......This one only needed some buttons to be done.
(I HATE sewing on buttons)

Next, the bee sweater....I'm still not sure I like it, it came out kinda big....
It only needed to have the finished front edge sewn down.....

I also blocked a little scarf I made with the leftover bee sweater yarn. (there's still LOTS left)
And, last but not finished vitamin D for the loopy ewe camp project 3. Completing this will qualify me for the "free" yarn. Gotta love free yarn!!!
For my next trick.....I'm working the edging on the girasole, hoping to block that one this week. It's so big, I'll have to put it out on the deck to dry. Good thing the weather will be nice.
I also had to get the loopy ewe anniversary kit. I'm trying to save my pennies for OFF, but that deep blue and the sheep stitch markers just JUMPED into my cart. I couldn't help myself. Go over there and check it out, you'll have to have one too. You can thank me later.
Once Girasole is done, I'll be working on my Christmas gift knitting. I promise!

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