Sunday, July 28, 2013

new yarn!!!

there's nothing like some new yarn to inspire......
There's a couple of things going on there......The first is madtosh sock in well water (5 skeins), for my camp loopy project 3. I've changed my mind on that about 100 times and finally settled on Vitamin D since I found directions to make it longer. I think it'll be a fun knit and doable in august.

In this pile is also a skein of lorna's laces solemate, for Christmas present gloves for my sister, and my loopy ewe cotton club goodies. There was also a second purchase of solemate for some man-socks as a Christmas present as well. When camp is done, I'm going to be busy knitting more Christmas gifts.

This week, I worked on girasole a bit, worked on the yard more.....I'm in between projects right now, since the third camp project can't start until thurs. aug. 1. That actually works out great, 'cause I'll be hanging at the county fair that day, so it makes for some good knitting.

In other news, miss ziggy is growing like a bad weed, curious as all getout, and has a skill for climbing up your leg, whether you're wearing jeans or shorts. YOUCH!!!!!

Ozzie is a bit jealous, but still not willing to be a snuggler. He has a reputation to maintain, after all.

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