Sunday, July 14, 2013

camp loopy project 2

This is clockwork, done in Shalimar zoe sock and dream in color smooshy.
It was a really fun knit and I think the color combination is pretty classy.
I can't take credit for picking them, I copied the combo off of someone else on rav, but, I love it!

I've also been working away on my hexipuffs. There's about 219 there and I'm thinking that's about half of what I'll need. They make a great take along project, so there will be plenty of opportunity.....
This week, probably tomorrow, the third and final camp loopy project will be announced. I'm hoping it's something that I can use to make my sister a pair of gloves for Christmas. I already have some yarn on the wish list, lorna's laces soulemate, so we'll see what the parameters are.
If not, I'll probably get some soulemate and make the gloves anyway, just after camp is done.
This week, probably more hexis, and gotta finish that second sock. Depends how hot it gets......

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